Final Fantasy XVI demo drops tomorrow as a two hour prologue

Fans will be able to get their hands on the promised Final Fantasy XVI demo, Square Enix announced during the game’s pre-launch celebration festivities. Starting at 4AM EST/1AM PST, a prologue version of the game will be available on PlayStation Network worldwide. The demo, which will feature protagonist Clive as a young man, will contain two hours of the prologue and saved data can be carried over to the full retail version.

This prologue is a bit cutscene heavy but you’ll learn a lot about the world and what drives Clive. Upon completion, a second portion of the demo will become unlocked focused on battles where Clive will have his Eikonic abilities. You’ll be able to try this over and over, and the timely accessories which automate some parts of the combat system will be available as well. Furthermore, it’s to be noted that the battle demo takes place in a dimly lit, but don’t think the whole game is that dark.

To facilitate the launch of the FFXVI demo, Square Enix has laid out the regional timing worldwide in a handy chart:

And finally, a new trailer titled “Ascension” was released. Final Fantasy XVI will be available for PlayStation 5 on June 22.

Final Fantasy XVI • Demo Gameplay

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