Final Fantasy XVI shipments and digital sales surpass three million units since launch

Final Fantasy XVI has shifted over three million units in shipments and digital sales, Square Enix announced today. This news comes just days after its launch on June 22, putting it on a similar path of 2020’s Final Fantasy VII Remake despite that game having released onto a much larger install base on PS4.

If you’ve not yet played XVI, Square Enix is here to remind you that there is a perfectly good demo to try out. The demo gives players access to the opening prologue, with saved progress carrying over to the full game after its release. In the demo, you’ll take control of Clive Rosfield and learn about his ambitions and goals at the outset of his story. Completing the prologue allows players to experience a special battle demo which has numerous abilities unlocked, giving them the opportunity to jump into fast-paced battles and test out a wide array of devastating attacks and combos.

Final Fantasy XVI is now available for PlayStation 5.

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