Final Fantasy XVI will get a day one patch after all

In a livestream geared for Japanese audiences, the Final Fantasy XVI team shared that there will in fact be a day one patch for the game despite earlier plans to not release one. As director Hiroshi Takai told Game Infomer: “CBUIII is testing the game daily and searching for bugs, and things could change as a result, but right now, like in the days of old Final Fantasy, this entry should work entirely as expected out of the box.”

Well, it appears that important bugs were indeed found: specifically a control flag issue which can make progress through the game impossible under very specific circumstances. Progression bugs will at the very least require a player to restart their game, but at their worst could stop you from advancing until you start a new file. There was also an issue where the game could close unexpected under very specific circumstances, and so the team thought it important to fix in an update over the internet.

Some areas have also been optimized and a few minor text errors have been fixed.

The team stated that “we didn’t want to do any pre-release or release day updates… and we’re sorry!” The update itself will be distributed before release on June 20th over PlayStation Network and is sizing up to be around 300MB.

They continue:

“We just want everyone to know that this update will come before the day one release, so if you have a digital version and you’ve already downloaded it on the system — if your PS5 is hooked up to the internet it will download this automatically and be ready for day one so people will be able to play as soon as the game unlocks. Also, this is a very, very minor issue and so even if you don’t get the update you will still be able to play the base game. This is a rapid patch so it is not necessary to play the game. Those of you who don’t have an internet connection and maybe can’t get it in time you will still be able to play the game. Same with the packaged version, it will automatically download in the background and be applied automatically.”

Final Fantasy XVI is set to release on June 22, 2023 for PlayStation 5.

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