Dragon Quest Treasures arrives on Steam today

Dragon Quest Treasures arrives on PC via Steam today in a surprise announcement from Square Enix. It includes higher graphical fidelity and framerate than last December’s Nintendo Switch version, and is also verified for Steam Deck users. The treasure-hunting RPG features Dragon Quest XI‘s Erik and Mia in an adventure to the mysterious land of Draconia, where they are joined by monster companions Purrsula and Porcus.

Here, the pair search for the seven fabled dragonstones, amongst many treasures hidden around the world. Befriending monsters can help them fight off aggressive iterations and use monster abilities to reach otherwise inaccessible areas. As Erik and Mia collect treasure, they can return it to their base for appraisal and increase their vault’s value, allowing for purchase of new features and ways to expand their legion of monsters.

A standard version is available for $49.99, and a ‘digital deluxe’ version is available for $54.99. The digital goods available in that version can also be purchased standalone for $5.00. The digital deluxe items include three special allies: Great Sabrecat, Ruby Golem, and Icy Dragling, as well as ‘batches’ of items including ‘Bestest Buddy Bullets’ and ‘Omniheal Bombs’.

If you purchase the game from now until July 28th, 2023, you can earn in-game digital items including: ten Chimaera Wings, which allow the player to return to their base without losing any treasure, fifteen ‘Better Buddy Bullet’s, which increase the likelihood of a monster wanting to join a player’s gang, and fifteen ‘Fullheal Pellet’s which fully restore the HP of an ally.

Dragon Quest Treasures is now available on Nintendo Switch and Steam.


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