Final Fantasy XIV's fifth expansion 'Dawntrail' revealed for Summer 2024, Xbox version announced

At today’s keynote address during Final Fantasy XIV‘s Fan Festival 2023 in Las Vegas, Creative Business Unit III unveiled the fifth expansion for the game will release in Summer 2024. Titled Dawntrail, it will see the Warrior of Light, Scions, and new allies travel to Tural, otherwise referred to as the “New World.”

Set across the sea to the southwest of the Three Great Continents, it is here that the party will venture Tural, a region where its peoples live in harmony with nature. Here, Tuliyollal, a diverse city of many races is currently going through a war of succession, and it seems the Scions will be split on how the events of this war transpire that may make them rivals.

While no new jobs were revealed yet, we know that two DPS jobs are planned: one melee and one ranged magic DPS. The level cap will increase to 100, and there will be new gear for battle, crafting, and gathering jobs. New threats include Valigarmanda, a large avian enemy once seen in Final Fantasy VI and the Pelupelu tribe, who are inspired by their appearance in Final Fantasy X.

Additionally, a hefty graphics update will see improved textures and lighting, including on player characters, with upgrades to previous expansions coming piecemeal later.

Furthermore, an Xbox version was announced with Xbox CEO Phil Spencer taking the stage with producer and director Naoki Yoshida. The two talked about the partnership between companies and that they would continue to partner with Square Enix to bring games to Xbox.

An open beta is scheduled to commence around Patch 6.5, with a digital only release planned for Spring 2024.

Check out the trailer below:


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