Final Fantasy XVI 1.03 adds motion blur toggle, additional controller layouts

An update for Final Fantasy XVI has been dispatched today, and includes some additional features in the game’s settings menu.

First and foremost, a new option to adjust the strength of motion blur has been added when the character or camera is in motion. By default, this setting is adjusted to ‘5’, but it can be lowered to 0 which will turn motion blur off completely. You can also toggle whether the camera will position itself behind Clive while moving and attacking — by default this is turned ‘on’.

The maximum setting for the camera’s sensitivity along the horizontal and vertical axes has been increased to 20, up from 10, and is set to ‘4’ at its default setting.

Additionally, three new controller layouts: ‘D’, ‘E’, and ‘F’ have been added for different button configurations than the three previous templates.

Finally, corrections have been made to address issues with the stability of some menus and some text issues — though no specifics were stated. Also, media posted to Twitter or YouTube will also now include the #FF16 hashtag (though this can be manually removed prior to posting if so desired.)

Final Fantasy XVI is available now on PlayStation 5.

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