Infinity Strash battle update details Dai and the Disciples of Avan

In the latest Infinity Strash update, we get a look at Dai and The Disciples of Avan that join him on his journey — particularly how they play in combat. As a 3D action RPG, the game is built around an expanding media revolving around the recent anime adaptation.

Below we get a look at four characters you’ll be able to use, as well as their varied battle styles.

Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai is set to release on September 28th for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam or the Microsoft Store.

From Square Enix:

Play as ‘The Disciples of Avan’ to defeat the Dark Army!

This game is an action RPG where you play as Dai and his friends to progress the story. Win battles with a variety of attacks, guarding and dodging against the enemy, as well as using skills and spells from DRAGON QUEST: The Adventure of Dai.

Attack using your equipped weapon with ‘Normal Attack’ — it can be changed up to three strikes. Although they cannot be used repeatedly, skills and spells unleash powerful attacks.

Coup de Grâce are ultimate attacks that can be used by filling up a dedicated gauge. It’s your trump card to change the tide of battle!

Each character has their own ‘Unique Skill’ to turn battles in your favor. Use ‘Guard’ to reduce damage from enemy attacks and ‘Dodge’ to evade attacks. Timing them right will increase their effects!

The battle styles of Dai and his reliable friends! Dai, Popp, Maam, and Hyunckel all have unique attacks and skills.

Here, we’ll show you their characteristics such as their skills and Coups de Grâce abilities. Of course, there are many more skills and spells that are not shown here!

The Little Hero


Voice: Sabrine Pitre

JP: Atsumi Tanezaki

Dai cuts down enemies in close combat with his sword in hand. ‘Draconic Aura’ greatly increases all his stats!

Dai uses his Avan Style Sword Techniques to defeat enemies!

The Young Mage


Voice: Cole Howard

JP: Toshiyuki Toyonaga

Popp excels at ranged magic attacks. His Unique Skill “Meditation” shortens the recovery time between each of his skills.

Popp is adept at fire and ice magic. His Coup de Grâce is ‘Kafrizz’ and it is immensely powerful.

Warrior Priest


Voice: Diana Kaarina

JP: Mikako Komatsu

In addition to attacks using her hammer spear, she also supports others with her Magic Bullet Gun. Remember to ‘Reload’ the gun during battle!

Maam is skilled at healing spealls like a typical Priest. With her Coup de Grâce, she shoots enemies with bullets infused with the power of ‘Crackle’.

Dark Armor Blade


Voice: Vincent Tong

JP: Yuki Kaji

Hyunckel crushes enemies with his Avan Style Sword Technique and his many Dark Aura Skills. ‘Amdo’ increases his defense further by wearing the Dark Armor Blade!

Hyunckel is a master of ‘Dark Aura’. ‘Bloody Scryde’ is his Coup de Grâce that he developed during his days in the Dark Army!

Maam and Hyunckel change their battle styles as the story progresses!

Martial Artist


After learning the ways of ‘Warrior Master Style’, she overpowers enemies with her agility and close combat. ‘Focus’ to shorten the recovery time between skills to help land consecutive attacks!

All the skills of the ‘Warrior Master Style’ are unrivaled in strength. Launch a flurry of Normal Attacks and Skills, and finish with ‘Refractor Fist’!

Dark Armor Spear


After changing his weapon to a spear, he is just as strong as he was with his sword! Of course, he can still use ‘Amdo’!

Hyunckel eliminates enemies with the ‘Avan Style Spear Technique’. ‘Grand Cross’ is a powerful skill where he converts his increased life energy into Aura and unleashes it!

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