Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince details its story and supporting cast

In the latest round of Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince information, Square Enix highlights more about the game’s story and reveals its supporting cast of characters. The game stars an antagonist of the original Dragon Quest IV, Psaro, the Dark Prince, who is cursed by his father and is attempting to aid his ailing mother. There are also many allies that Psaro meets on his journey, including the elf Rose and the magic researcher Toilen Trubble.

The game will have you assemble a party of monsters which can be encountered and capture in field areas. Psaro can then level them up to make them stronger and decide what skills and traits to learn. Monster parties also vary in members due to the size of their combatants.

We get more of what to expect from the story and characters from Square Enix below:

Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince will release on December 1 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

Today, SQUARE ENIX revealed new details regarding the overarching story and key characters featured in the upcoming role-playing game DRAGON QUEST MONSTERS: The Dark Prince. Additionally, fans of the closely connected DRAGON QUEST IV: The Chapters of the Chosen story will also see the return of several iconic locations throughout Psaro’s adventure to becoming the Master of Monsterkind. DRAGON QUEST MONSTERS: The Dark Prince launches worldwide on December 1, 2023, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Offering fans an alternate depiction of the events during DRAGON QUEST IV: The Chapters of the Chosen, DRAGON QUEST MONSTERS: The Dark Prince explores the untold story from the perspective of Psaro himself, the enigmatic prince of monsterkind, who swears revenge against the ruthless and cruel Master of Monsterkind, Randolfo the Tyrant.

Psaro’s mother, Miriam, is a human and his father is the Master of Monsterkind, Randolfo the Tyrant, making Psaro the demi-human prince of Nadiria, the monster world. Sadly, Miriam is gravely ill, and Psaro ventures into Nadiria to ask his father to cure her sickness. Randolfo rejects his pleas outright and proceeds to curse Psaro so that he may never harm a creature of monster blood directly, kicking off Psaro’s quest to take revenge against his father’s cruelty and rule over Nadiria himself.

Key figures players will meet throughout Psaro’s adventure in DRAGON QUEST MONSTERS: The Dark Prince, include the following:

Randolfo the Tyrant, The Uncompromising Ruler of All Nadiria: (Voice: Vincent Riotta)
Psaro’s imposing father, his archnemesis and the Master of Monsterkind. He has governed the chaos of Nadiria for many years with an iron fist.

Dolph the Destroyer, Nadiria’s Most Vicious General: (Voice: Jospeh Capp)
Randolfo the Tyrant’s eldest son, rumoured to be the most powerful fighter in all Nadiria. Possessed of unmatched strength, he is widely believed to be his father’s chosen successor to the Nadirian throne.

The Zenith Dragon, The All-Seeing Dragon God: (Voice: Andrew James Spooner)
The Dragon God who watches all-knowingly over the world’s affairs from Zenithia, a castle in the clouds.

Healie, A Boy in Search of an Old Friend: (Voice: Harriet Carmichael)
A naïve young boy who travels the world in search of a long-lost companion. He didn’t always look like this though…

Ludo, An Elusive and Enigmatic Youth: (Voice: Jack Ayres)
A mysterious young man with a penchant for peculiar poetry. He has a habit of appearing in unexpected places and seems to know Psaro all too well…

Percival, Army Captain Devoted to His King: (Voice: Carl Prekopp)
An army captain who is fiercely loyal to his liege lord and will carry out even the most barbaric orders without a second thought.

General Chayne, Trusted Keeper of Diabolic Hall: (Voice: Mark Noble)
Keeper of the fortress known as Diabolic Hall. This hardened warrior seeks to use his immense power to stop Psaro from achieving his ambition.

Miriam, Psaro’s Sick Mother: (Voice: Lucy Montgomery)
Psaro’s human mother. She lives in the human world of and has come down with a mysterious illness.

The Chosen Heroes of DQIV:
In DQIV, the Chosen Heroes set out to stop Psaro and end his cruel ambitions in order to save the world. It would seem their actions will influence this story too, and judging from their grim expressions, the threat they face is surely a dire one…

Players will also be able to visit memorable locations from DRAGON QUEST IV: The Chapters of the Chosen. As to the role these locations play in the story, players will have to find that out for themselves! Some of these settings include:

Rosehill: Psaro’s base of operations is the sleepy village of Rosehill, where monsters and dwarves live together in harmony. It may be small, but Rosehill is home to shops and a church, as well as the Altar of Amalgamation and a paddock where monsters can relax. It’s the perfect place for a budding monster wrangler to blossom.

Diabolic Hall: The monster stronghold.

Zenithia: Where the Zenith Dragon observes the world.

Several other locations from DQIV will also feature prominently!

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