Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince gets a free demo available today

Set to launch December 1st on Nintendo Switch, Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince will get a free demo available to download and play today.

The latest entry in the monster-raising and battling RPG, the spinoff takes place in the universe of Dragon Quest IV, featuring a younger version of the antagonist Psaro. Cursed with the inability to harm monsters, he is forced to have them do his bidding as he travels through the realms of Nadiria. Monsters and bosses from the entire Dragon Quest series can be encountered here, along with new entries as well.

Battles are turn-based and your party composition can change based on the size of your monsters. Of course the monsters you collect can be raised and strengthened in myriad ways, and even synthesized into new versions.

Progress in the demo will carry over to the retail product.

Announcement Trailer

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