Exploring the regions of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

The world of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is already proving to be vast, as we saw during stage festivities at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. With the weekend done and dusted, Square Enix has sent over a number of new screenshots detailing some of the expansive areas you’ll explore in your time with the game when it launches for PlayStation 5 on February 29 next year. There’s that, some activities you’ll be able to do and returning characters from Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Let’s take a look:

Exploring Kalm

& the Grasslands

Regions of the World

Cloud and friends will journey across a large, open world where each region feels unique – completely with different enemies to encounter and different ways to go about its terrain. Each area comes full of new quests and rare treasures as long as you’re willing to explore.

The Grasslands

A vast expanse of land that is rich with mako. There are smaller outposts and planetary fonts waiting for discovery across these plains. There’s more to be had beyond the swamplands, but you’ll need to rent a chocobo from the local ranch to make your way across.

Gold Saucer

A gilded paradise built over the Corel Desert. Owned by Shinra, the Gold Saucer uses loads of mako to power its modern attractions. The park draws in tourists from across the world and keeps them entertained both day and night.

Under Junon

As the former capital of the eponymous republic, this once-bustling port town fell into disrepair following its destruction by Shinra. That which remains is a desolate fishing village where displaced citizens have taken refuge.


Junon was once a beacon of hope and prosperity but now the former capital of the republic sleeps beneath the waves. After Shinra’s takeover, the city was repurposed into its second-largest outpost – a fortified stronghold housing an underwater reactor.


Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will host many quests and diversions across Cloud’s journey. Brief stops can lead you to unearth useful treasures or other fascinating discoveries.

Chocobo Ranches

Each region will contain ranches where you can exchange golden plumes for new chocobo gear. You’ll be able to customize your bird’s gear however you please.

Item Transmuter

You can collect materials outlined in transmutation formulae to create items. Transmuting these items will improve your craftsmanship and unlock new formulae in order to obtain rare items.

Odd Jobs

A vast expanse of land that is rich with mako. There are smaller outposts and planetary fonts waiting for discovery across these plains. There’s more to be had beyond the swamplands, but you’ll need to rent a chocobo from the local ranch to make your way across.

World Intel

You can help Chadley (voiced by Sean-Ryan Petersen), returning from Final Fantasy VII Remake, depend his understanding of the world outside of Midgar by completing his requests in each region. Gathering intel will unlock new locations for exploration, and Chadley can develop new materia based on the data you’ve collected.

Chadley himself used to be an employee at Shinra’s Research and Development Division, but he’s since left Midgar behind due to Cloud’s actions. Now Chadley’s goal is to reactivate the world’s defunct communications towers in order to better understand the planet. This is where Cloud and company come in.



By activating the old republic’s remnawave towers in each region, new research opportunities will become available. When you visit a location for the first time, try to seek out these towers – they help you get a handle on your surroundings and a great view of the area.



Look for rare fiends in their natural habitats in order to gather intel on special assignments so you can unlock new challenges in Chadley’s combat simulator. These missions will test your mental fortitude so be sure to go in with a strategy ready.



When a chocobo smells a treasure a ‘?’ icon will appear above its head. Following the scene can lead you to find valuable treasures or a new transmuter formula.



Repair fallen chocobo stop signs and transform them into fast travel locations. If you see a stray chocobo chick, you can follow it to one of these stops. It will reward you with a golden plume once your repair work is complete.


Synergy Ability

Two party members team up to activate useful abilities without consuming ATB. These commands can be executed while blocking, and provide a wide array of beneficial effects. Each pairing has their own unique set of abilities; some deal damage, while others offer support.

Limit Break

The limit gauge will gradually fill as you take damage or stagger enemies. Once the gauge is full, you can unleash powerful limit breaks which are unique to each party member. Some synergy abilities can increase limit level, enabling even more powerful attacks.

Fast Travel

Fast travel will allow you to jump instantly to previously visited towns, chocobo stops and other locations. Use this feature to pick up the pace of your adventure.

Mini Games

Along with the story and battle material, unique mini games are available across the game world.



After obtaining pieces of sheet music, head to a piano and try out the rhythm game there. These pieces include music from the game and can be quite challenging. A free play mode allows you to play original music if you wish as well.



Queen’s Blood is a strategic card game that’s popular in the game world. Players will take turns placing cards on the board and attempt to overpower their opponent by gathering power in each lane. Collect cards and their abilities to claim the crown.



A minigame to bring mischievous Moogle kids back to their mogstools.

The Moogle kids will attack you in every possible way, so be careful not to be caught off guard by their cute smiles.

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