Infinity Strash details the Temple of Recollection and Challenge Mode

Infinity Strash Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai‘s release is a few short weeks away, and today Square Enix shares more information about the upcoming action-RPG based on the Dragon Quest-themed anime and manga.

Previously, we had an overview of Dai and the Disciples of Avan as well as the Dark Army who oppose them. We also learned about the game’s optional story-focused mode and how to train characters to be stronger by collecting Bond Memories.

Today, we get a further look at the Temple of Recollection, which is a randomized dungeons with progressing floors that reward greater spoils the further you get. There’s also a Challenge Mode which will allow you to take on stronger iterations of enemies once you clear the story.

Infinity Strash Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai releases September 28th on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

From Square Enix:

The Temple of Recollection

The “Temple of Recollection” is a dungeon where players advance toward the deepest end as they choose between doors that appear before them. This is a special dungeon where the monsters and hidden traps change each time you play through it. Successfully clear the dungeon to receive a delightful reward!

It can be unlocked after making progress in Story Mode. The Keeper of Memories will greet you upon your arrival.

Here, you can strengthen your skills, spells, and Bond Memories in addition to taking on challenges. Visit it in between playing the Story Mode to strengthen your party and take on increasingly more difficult encounters!

The Temple’s Challenges

In the “Temple of Recollection”, you start at level 1 and can only bring the Bond Memories you possess. Embark on the challenge by forming a party with the characters who joined the team in Story Mode!

Choose a door and go deeper. Once you’ve conquered a certain number of rooms, you can choose to explore further or claim the rewards you have obtained so far. But beware! If defeated, you risk losing all the rewards earned that visit to the Temple.

Each of the rooms in the Temple offer a wide variety of “traps” to challenge you. 

Traps are sometimes triggered during battles with monsters. Experience a variety of traps, including one that can shoot out flames from the ground and deal some damage to Dai and his party. Don’t forget to block along the way!

In addition to battling hordes of monsters, you may once again encounter powerful enemies you fought in Story Mode!

Challenge Mode

“Challenge Mode” is unlocked after clearing Story Mode. The opponents you faced in Story Mode become even stronger!

A recreation of the scene where we learn one of the Avan Style Sword Techniques, the Wave Slash! Slash through the dragon’s breath!

A battle against Zamza, who has captured Dai inside his body. Settle this battle before Dai’s strength runs out!

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