Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link recruiting UK/AUS for closed beta, new trailer revealed

Previously announced for iOS and Android devices, Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link is a new title in the series that is described as a “GPS-based action RPG”. In a new trailer posted today, we get a brief overview of the story and themes present in the game, with flashes of new characters wandering the city of Scala ad Caelum during what is alluded to as a “blank era that will eventually be forgotten.”

Players will travel to an “astral plane” that resembles geographic data from the real world. While you can travel to locations highlighted on the map in the real world, you can also travel while stationary. The game features action combat sequences in which players can swing a keyblade and jump while using abilities. These abilities are fragments of memories that belong to other worlds, and are prized by the different “societies” that dwell in Scala ad Caelum.

A closed beta test is currently recruiting participants from the UK and Australia starting today and running through November 19th, 2023. Shortly after, a closed beta test will commence: for iOS devices, that’s November 29th through December 8th. The Android version will take place in 2024. You’ll be able to play with up to 3 players in close proximity and form a party for various perks, and you will also be able to play the game with a game pad. You can submit an application here.

Check out the trailer below:

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