Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince highlights its online features

As Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince swiftly approaches its December 1st release date on Nintendo Switch, Square Enix has provided new information on some of the online features and modes you can expect in the game at launch.

A quick recap of the game thus far: set in the world of Dragon Quest IV, players are put in the role of a younger version of Psaro — one of IV’s antagonists. Cursed by his father, the Demon Lord, Psaro becomes unable to harm monsters. In his journey for revenge, he will recruit monsters to fight for him instead, monsters he can train and develop in myriad ways. He journeys through the lands of Nadiria, which cycle through four seasons in which the types of monsters you’ll encounter will change. Combat is a turn-based affair in which you will issue orders to monsters and attempt to capture foes.

Online functionality will come in three different modes, and by talking to Fizzy in the Rosehill tower, you’ll be able to interaction with these features, as well as purchase DLC.

A free demo is now available on Nintendo Switch, and you can check out our playthrough below.

Here’s the latest from Square Enix:

Online Battles

Several different battle categories to choose from, including:

Ranked Matches: This mode pits wranglers against other players from around the globe as each competes to take top spot in the rankings. By rising through the ranks, fans can earn rare accessories and other items to strengthen monsters within their party. Friend Matches: Players will play for fun against other wranglers from within their registered friends in a player’s Nintendo account. Multiplayer Tournaments: Up to eight players will clash in a knockout format against friends and rivals until only one reaches the top.

Want to go online? Then speak to Fizzy! Fizzy isn’t just an expert when it comes to training monster wranglers, she’s also an internet whiz! Speak to her in Rosehill Tower to see all the online options available to you, as well as purchase DLC.

Quickfire Contests

Once a player registers their party’s data, they will be ready to compete in Quickfire Contests. These massive competitions use the data of 30 players to conduct battles automatically in the blink of an eye.

Participants can only earn rewards from a Quickfire Contest once per day, but they include items that can raise your monsters’ stats, as well as identical monsters (B Rank and below only) from any teams defeated over the course of the competition.

After a contest, players can view the details of each battle, as well as use opponents’ party data to conduct Sparring Matches for practice. Utilize this information to improve one’s party composition and tweak battle tactics. Quickfire Contests are a fast and easy way to strengthen your party, recruit new monsters and earn useful items.

The Online Shop

The Online Shop updates its stock every day (real-world days, rather than in-game days), but the items available can also change as each player progresses through the story.

With special scrolls that can teach a new Talent to a monster, many powerful accessories, and a selection of delectable meats available, the Online Shop has something of value for monster wranglers of all levels.

Be sure to check back regularly and try not to let all that in-game gold burn a hole in Psaro’s pocket.

Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince — Demo Gameplay

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