Final Fantasy XVI will update Arcade Mode Leaderboard on December 8

Final Fantasy XVI will be updating it’s Arcade Mode and leaderboards on December 8th, via an announcement on the game’s official social media.

These updates are likely part and parcel of adjustments coming to the game’s battle system, where leaderboards will be refreshed to reflect different stages of the game’s balance. Players who’ve competed for high scores will have their records preserved. For players wanting to get the best score in the current version of the game, you’ll have until this update to do so.

Final Fantasy XVI features an Arcade Mode were previous stages of the game can be replayed in several difficulty modes including ‘Final Fantasy Mode’ unlocked after completing the game once, and ‘Ultimaniac’ mode. Completing these stages timely and with style contributes to a higher score.

The timing is also of interest, as the night before this update is The Game Awards, and we also know that an update on the game’s DLC plans is coming before the end of the year. Perhaps the stars have aligned.

Final Fantasy XVI is now available on PlayStation 5. You can read our review here.

Final Fantasy XVI • Update 1.10 (September 2023)

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