Nintendo shares an overview of Super Mario RPG's new features

A remake of the 1996 SNES classic Super Mario RPG is set to release on November 17th for Nintendo Switch. The original collaboration (subtitled Legend of the Seven Stars) between Square and Nintendo was the former’s final game released for the SNES in North America. It features a mashup of the Mario series’ platforming and timing mechanics with turn-based RPG battles from Square’s repertoire, and is widely considered one of the standout titles of its genre from the 16-bit generation.

In the overview trailer below, we get a brief synopsis of the story and characters. Mario is once again tasked with rescuing Princess Peach from King Bowser, but in doing so is assailed by the Smithy Gang and loses seven star fragments, that, when assembled, can grant their bearer wishes. Peach and Bowser eventually join Mario in his quest, as well as the “tadpole” named Mallow and a doll named Geno who is inhabited by a star spirit.

As Mario travels through the world, he’ll meet a host of eccentric NPCs. When he travels through field maps, coming into contact with enemies will initiate a turn-based battle. Here, timing attacks and defensive moves correctly will have more effective results. Timing attacks well will increase damage, and and even spread damage to nearby enemies if timed perfectly. When successful they will charge the Triple Move gauge, which, when filled to 100%, will allow Mario’s party to unleash a special move where all members will participate.

After clearing the main story, you’ll be able to challenge bosses to a rematch, but they’ll be stronger than their previous iterations. Also, a secret boss present in the original game also returns. For players who want an easier experience, you can select “Breezy” mode to tune down encounters and gain more experience points than on the normal difficulty track.

Various minigames also featured in the game, like the Midas River, where Mario will need to collect coins by balancing on a barrel floating downstream. He can also race on Yoshi’s back at the Mushroom Derby or on a mine cart, to name a few other objectives.

The arranged soundtrack is supervised by the original composer, Yoko Shimomura, but should you desire to listen to the original SNES version, you can toggle it in the options menu, where you can also view a list of monsters you encounter that catalogues key information such as their location, item drops, and vulnerabilities.

Check it out on the trailer below:

Super Mario RPG — Overview Trailer

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