Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis next story update “A SOLDIER's Pride” arrives December 14

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis will be adding a new story chapter in an update landing December 15th. It’s the second chapter of the Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII scenario, wherein SOLDIER operatives Zack and Angeal are dispatched to the latter’s home town in search of a defector: Genesis Rhapsodos. It’s here that Zack uncovers a dark secret involving his mentor and his employer. To unlock this chapter, you’ll first need to complete the first chapter “The Missing SOLDIER”.

Recent and upcoming updates to the game include a level cap increase to a maximum level of 65, new character stream nodes to upgrade stats, as well as a new Bahamut summon and the requisite pact missions. The Abandoned Factory dungeon will be added featuring both Criterion and Crisis difficulty modes, and the Sunsin Cave will have an added Crisis mode difficulty.

The game will also be running several campaigns to celebrate 100 days of service on December 14th.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is now available on iOS, Android, and PC via Steam. You can check out our gameplay of the recent Steam release here. Players can use a function to share their progress between the PC and smartphone versions.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII — Chapter 2: A SOLDIER’s Pride

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis — Summoned Beast Bahamut

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