SaGa Series announces 'Glimmerfest' stream for December 15

As part of an ongoing celebration of the SaGa series’ 35th anniversary, Square Enix will be broadcasting a special ‘Glimmerfest 2023’ stream featuring details on upcoming and currently running titles and guest appearances with developers.

We’ll expect to get the latest details on the Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe smparthone gacha, as well as new info on SaGa Emerald Beyond, the newest title in the series that was announced back in September. Emerald Beyond will allow you to select one of six different protagonists, each with branching stories that are highly influenced by the choices you make.

Combat sees the return of a timeline battle system that was featured in the excellent SaGa Scarlet Grace, but Emerald Beyond has many new twists on the formula. Selecting certain types of actions will manipulate the turn order and said actions will consume Battle Points. Depending on how you deploy these actions, characters can team up in United Attacks when their icons are adjacent to one another. What’s new is that empty spaces in the timeline can now be utilized by allies and enemies to create combos in ‘Showstopper’ moves

The hour-long stream will air on YouTube and Twitch at 6:00am Pacific time on December 15th. Special guests include series creator Akitoshi Kawazu, producer Masanori Ichikawa, and localization director Neil Broadley.

SaGa Emerald Beyond — Tokyo Game Show 2023 trailer

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