Final Fantasy XIV 6.5 Part 2 arrives on January 16, Xbox Beta in February, FFXVI Collab in April

The fifth major update to follow the Endwalker expansion has been divided into two parts, as is customary with the last major patch, and the second half arriving on Tuesday, January 16th. Patch 6.55 will have a 24 hour maintenance period as the team will be replacing server infrastructure equipment at the Japanese data center.

This patch will include the last update to the main scenario quest before the Dawntrail expansion’s release this Summer. Addressing the audience at the game’s Fan Festival event in Tokyo, Japan, Final Fantasy XIV director and producer Naoki Yoshida shared that a certain character important in the expansions story will be revealed here. Hailing from Tural, she is a female hrothgar who will ask for the Warrior of Light to accompany her to her homeland to participate in a contest of succession — and the Scions of the Seventh Dawn follow suit.

We also see the finale chapters of various sidequests, including: Tataru’s Grand Endeavor and Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures. The final stage in the Manderville Weapons quest will be added, as well as a grand finale for players who have completed the arkasodara, omicron, and lopporrit Tribal Quests scenarios.

You can also check our guide on where to unlock content and features in Patch 6.5, such as the final duty in the Myths of the Realm alliance raid, a new custom deliveries client, and more.

Main Scenario Quest

Growing Light — Part 2

“With Zeromus defeated and the threat of a voidsent incursion now passed, the Warrior of Light returns to the Source, their adventure at last come to an end. But rarely is there rest for the righteous, for an unexpected visitor has come knocking at the Baldesion Annex, eager for an audience with Eorzea’s greatest hero.”



The Gilded Araya

“Called to Thavnair by mortal avarice and delighting in the clash of steel on steel, this manifestation of the battle-thirsty Asura will put your mettle to the test!”


Grand Endeavor

“As Tataru Taru’s Boutique enjoys unprecedented profits thanks to your realm-wide deliveries, Mehdjina steps forward with her own idea for the company’s next endeavor…”

Somehow Further

Hildibrand Adventures

“Despite the stunning revelation that Godbrand, the founding lord of House Manderville, was of alien origin, it is business as usual for Inspector Hildibrand and his band of inquisitive misfits. They barrel ahead in their efforts to crack the case of PuPu’s missing companion, bringing them into conflict with the most meddlesome nemesis they have encountered to date…”



“The successful application of extraterrestrial smithing techniques has brought the Manderville weaponry to new heights of excellence. Poised on the precipice of perfection, could the entire endeavor yet be undone by the threat of mundane managerial woes?”

Endwalker Tribal

Alliance Quests

“The Last Dregs has helped patrons’ happiness grow beyond what the laws of physics were once thought to allow, but could they be even happier? This is what Jammingway aims to find out, calling upon their comrade-in-apron’s network of allies to host the greatest event that the end of the universe has ever seen!”

February 2024

Xbox Series X|S Client

Open Beta Test

“FINAL FANTASY XIV is coming to Xbox in Spring 2024, and to prepare for its debut, we’ll be holding an open beta test during the Patch 6.5x cycle. Enjoy faster loading times on both consoles, and crystal-clear 4K resolution on the Xbox Series X!”

April 2024

Final Fantasy XVI Collaboration

“The Path Infernal”

“The worlds of FINAL FANTASY XIV and FINAL FANTASY XVI collide! A tale of two stars and their impossible conjunction brings the promise of revelations…and rewards. Stay tuned for more details!”

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