SaGa Emerald Beyond introduces protagonists Bonnie and Formina

In the latest update for SaGa Emerald Beyond we get a look at two of the six protagonists you’ll be able to select from in the game: Bonnie Blair and Formina Franklyn. The crimefighting duo are also accompanied by mysterious cats and can recruit various other characters into their party as they travel through the game’s 17 different worlds.

We also get a further look at some of the races you can recruit and the weapons you can use in battle, and a brief synopsis of some of the different locations you’ll explore.

SaGa Emerald Beyond launches on PS4, PS5, Switch, iOS, and Android on April 25, 2024.

Square Enix shares the following:

SaGa Emerald Beyond — Bonnie & Formina Trailer


Bonnie Blair & Formina Franklyn

Two new recruits on the police force, investigating an assassination attempt.

Former marine Bonnie Blair and renowned sharpshooter Formina Franklyn are two police officers working together to find the truth behind the assassination attempt on the President of Capitol City, a world studded with skyscrapers.

With the claim of a key person of interest in the case that the president is a traitor and a mysterious triangle piece as their only clues, they set off on a journey through other worlds to uncover the hidden truth behind the incident.

A Mysterious Group of… Cats?

A group of large feline beasts from The Great Tree.

It isn’t clear if these cats are siblings or completely unrelated. It’s also unclear what gender they are, or if they even have genders to begin with.

Each of the three cats has their own distinctive personality: Purr is good at playing cute to get their own way; Hiss is very wary and always prickly; and Meow is something of an all-rounder.

Characters Who Can Join The Party

Emily Bryant

An artist who came up through the local underground scene before her vocal house music launched her into the
mainstream. Now she performs at famous clubs in the city. She has become hugely popular for her distinctive musical style and fashion sense.

It isn’t clear if these cats are siblings or completely unrelated. It’s also unclear what gender they are, or if they even have genders to begin with.

Final Emperor

The last Emperor of Grelon. His real name is not known.

He garnered many different reputations – a great king, a foolhardy monarch or a tyrannical despot. However, no one truly knows was he was like as a person.

Administrator Gold

A member of the Delta Base’s Administrative Division. Administrator Gold has served in their middle-management role for a long time, but their heart isn’t really in it.


A young Cleric of the Kosmos.

Byaku is surprisingly hard-headed for someone with such a soft body, but he takes great pride in his role as a Cleric.


The 10th model in the BX series of mechs that Dr. Alessa Sitrix used in her research on applying triangle theory to machine evolution.

Following Alessa’s death, this BX10 unit decided to add “EX” to the end of its name as an indication that it had achieved self-driven evolution.


A carrier in the Kosmos.

Erytheia distributes everything from physical items to information across all four corners of the Kosmos. Erytheia is a realist, and can be quite sarcastic.

The Worlds of SaGa Emerald Beyond

Capitol City

A World Studded
with Skyscrapers

A city that sparkles like a jewel.

The sight is enough to make you forget that this is the beating heart of the world.

In spite of this, or perhaps precisely because of this, Capitol City finds some entirely unexpected visitors drawn into its orbit.


A World Driven Forwards
with Triangle Theory

Triangle theory has brought about rapid progress in Vermiglio.

The day to day lives of its inhabitants have become easier, richer and more fast-paced.

But there is no such thing as progress without cost.


World of

The Kosmos is a tiny microcosm.

In this world, a countless number of cells, systems and organs work together to create harmony.

However, no matter the scale of the world, there are always those who seen to destroy balance.




As ephemerals fight in more and more battles, they change from juvenile to young to mature, and finally to elder.

Their stats increase as they grow older, but their maximum LP decreases.

When an ephemeral runs out of LP, they are reborn again, passing down techs and spells to the next generation.

This means that the more generations pass, the more techs and spells can be inherited. Some ephemerals can glimmer new techs like humans, while others can learn techs from fallen foes, like monsters.

Conditional Techs

Techs that are used in response to enemy or ally abilities or spells are called conditional techs. There are five different types of conditional tech: Interrupts, Counterattacks, Protects, Chains, and Pursuits.

Conditional techs readied by enemies appear in the timeline as three question marks: “???”. When an enemy displays the three-question-mark symbol, watch out for conditional techs.

Enemy conditional techs can be stymied by using techs with the “quell” characteristic, allowing you to fight without hindrance.

Weapon Type:

Two-Handed Guns

Two-handed guns are divided into machine guns, flamethrowers, zappers, boomers and catalyzers. All of these gun types can invoke general two-handed gun techs, but each type has its own associated techs as well.

Two-handed guns feature a lot of antiair-property techs that are effective against airborne enemies. However, players should note that since a lot of two-handed gun techs raise enmity as well, the wielder is more likely to be attacked by enemies.

Flamethrowers, zappers and catalyzers also have their own associated techs that inflict elemental damage and status ailments, and boomers feature a lot of techs that delay the user’s order of action in the Timeline.

Conditional Tech: Chains

Chains are a type of conditional tech that follow on from an ally’s action earlier in Action Order.

Even if this first action would otherwise be the last in a sequence, Chains will move to appear in the Action Order directly after this initial action.

If a Chain action connects to the combo range, it presents an opportunity to deal even more damage. But beware: Chain actions can also break the flow of a United Attack.

Weapon Type:

Martial Arts

Martial arts can be used when no weapons are equipped.

Punch techs make it easier to evade attacks that come your way after you have taken an action, and kick techs tend to appear more quickly in the Action Order.

Tackles, on the other hand, delay the user’s order of action in the Timeline. There are also lots of techs that delay the enemy’s actions in the Timeline.

Overall, this means that Martial arts techs can be used to handle a wide variety of different situations.

Conditional Tech: Pursuits

While Chain actions take place right after an ally’s action, Pursuits slot into the Action Order after an enemy action. Since they allow you to jump in to take action directly after an enemy action, Pursuits make it easy to disrupt enemy United Attacks

Conditional techs with the Chain or Pursuit characteristics show up in the timeline as a dotted line when used.

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