Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo updated with Junon section

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a mere week away, with launch scheduled for February 29, 2024. Today though, you can play a little bit more of the game in an update to the free demo that was released earlier this month.

In the first portion of the demo, Cloud recalls the events of his past, taking place at the start of the Rebirth story. Here he is joined by the SOLIDER hero Sephiroth and local guide Tifa Lockhart for an investigation into the mako reactor near Cloud’s hometown: Nibelheim.

In this portion available today, players can explore the Junon region. Once home to an independent republic, it lost a war with Shinra and has since been occupied. Above a modest fishing village, a massive military city has been constructed, home to an enormous cannon created in the company’s fervor for world domination.

This segment will allow you to play with Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Aerith, and Red XIII in your party. The demo has also been streamlined and tweaked from what you’ll see in the final product. After emerging from the Mythril Mine, the party is following enigmatic black-robed figures as they pursue Sephiroth around the world. Here they’re able to use a type of chocobo adept at scaling the area’s massive cliffs.

The updated will also feature tweaks to performance and visuals as well.

The demo update weighs in at 1.66 GB for PlayStation 5.

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