Final Fantasy XIV 6.57 beckons you to return to the Waking Sands

Final Fantasy XIV has a small scale update available today that adjusts a variety of the game’s features and offers even more Aetheryte Tickets for Vesper Bay.

You may well know the location as the secret base of operations for the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, primarily featured in the A Realm Reborn scenario, as well as the frequent requests by the Scions’ antecedent Minfilia to “return to the Waking Sands.” What was then an inconvenience became an enduring joke within the game’s community.

As time went on, the team eventually added special tickets that, when used as an item, could teleport the player closer to its destination. Recently, the game’s director and producer Naoki Yoshida was asked by Megumi Han to add even more tickets during a talk show at the most recent Fan Festival in Japan. Han, who voices Jill Warrick in the Japanese version of Final Fantasy XVI, had picked up the game and was playing through these chapters. Today, it seems, that request was granted.

Patch 6.57 also includes a number of updates to restrictions on duties and currency acquisition. Firstly, the weekly entrance restriction on the Savage mode difficulty of the Pandaemonium Anabaseios raid has been removed, and players may now freely select and challenge duties. The ‘Echo’ buff will now be applied at the start of battle and persist throughout, increasing various parameters by 10%. Treasure coffers will now always appear and without reduction of rewards within, should you play alongside others who have previously cleared.

Thaleia, the final chapter, of the Myths of the Realm alliance raid series, will now appear when challenging the Duty Roulette: Alliance Raids daily, and you’ll now be able to collect a maximum of 900 Allagan tomestones of comedy per week – doubling the previous cap of 450 and allowing for easier acquisition of higher item level gear.

Shatter, a PVP mode, has been adjusted as well – following larger scale revisions that adjusted the amounts of data earned from different objectives. You’ll now only need 1,600 data to win a match, and you’ll now accrue 8 data points (up from 5) by defeating a player in an enemy team.

There are other miscellaneous updates as well. For players working on building their Island Sanctuary, the Felicitous Furball NPC will now offer hints as to how Visions can be realized. Additional instances for Sharlyan, Radz-at-Han, and Thavnair have been removed, a procedure the team has implemented routinely as a way to mitigate congestion. For players participating in community-run hunt trains, this will reduce the amount of potential Allagan tomestones of comedy earned to 120 per trip.

Currently, Final Fantasy XIV has restarted its Free Login Campaign that concludes on February 21st. The seasonal event Valentione’s Day is also in full swing, where players can earn an exclusive emote. If you’re coming back to catch up on the game, check out our guide on where to unlock content in features in Patch 6.55. Later this month, on February 21, the Xbox Series X|S open beta will commence, followed by an official launch.

Asura — The Gilded Araya (6.55)

Pandæmonium Anabaseios (6.4)

Myths of the Realm — Thaleia (6.5)

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