Final Fantasy VII Rebirth update 1.020 includes new graphics setting and other fixes

Square Enix released a new 5.77 GB update for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth tonight, which features some fixes and adjustments to the game’s performance and gameplay systems.

Here’s a look at the patch notes for Version 1.020:

  • Corrected typograhical errors and omissions in some text.
  • Fixed an issue with the player-controlled character that occurs under certain conditions on the map.
  • Fixed an issue where Red XIII’s abilities ‘Supernal Fervor’ and ‘Watcher’s Spirit’ could be easily cancelled during battle.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies could stop moving in certain conditions during battle.
  • Fixed a progression bug that occurred in certain conditions during a quest.
  • Improved frame-rate and overall game stability.
  • Added “Performance – Sharp” and “Performance – Smooth” option to the graphics settings.
    • (Editor’s note: The in-game description for “Performance – Sharp” is: “Prioritize maintaining a 60-fps framerate with a sharper image quality.”)
    • (Editor’s note: The in-game description for “Performance – Smooth” is: “Prioritize maintaining a 60-fps framerate with a softer image quality.”)
  • Improved the graphical quality.
  • The camera’s ‘Inverted’ settings are retained in the gliding mini-game’s camera and while riding a gliding chocobo.
  • The camera’s ‘Inverted’ settings are retained in the target mini-game’s camera.
  • The vines in the Mythril Mine have been enhanced to for better guidance.
  • A difficulty setting has been added to the customization screen for ‘Fort Condor’ and ‘Gears and Gambits’ minigames.

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