Star Ocean The Second Story R update adds Chaos difficulty, new portraits, and more

Star Ocean The Second Story R received a free update today on PlayStation 4/5, Switch, and Steam. Developer Gemdrops and publisher Square Enix released the game last November and is a HD remake of the 1998 PlayStation game that utilizes the original 2D sprites.

This update includes a new “Chaos” difficulty mode, which is harder than than “Universe” difficulty, and boosts enemy stats. The Ten Wise Men, major antagonists in the story, can now be encountered as raid enemies in the field. If you’re able to defeat them, you’ll get a Jewel which will allow you to summon them in battle as part of the Assault Action system that utilizes your reserve party or Star Ocean series cameos.

New weapons and armor will be added to the game, and can be made in Item Creation or collected as drops from Raid Enemies. You’ll also have the option of resetting character levels in New Game Plus, and Claude or Rena’s star will appear on the title screen depending on your completion status.

New portraits created by character designer Yukihiro Kajimoto will appear in the game, including: Clyde, Regis, Eleanor, Leifath, Mariana, and Allen.

Square Enix shares the following:

Star Ocean The Second Story R — Game Update Trailer

Chaos Difficulty Mode

New, super-hard difficulty: CHAOS!

You won’t be able to let your guard down for even an instant in this hard mode!
CHAOS mode will be added to the game as a new difficulty level that’s harder than UNIVERSE.

Enemy stats will be higher, and you’ll need even more strategy and preparation to take on these challenging battles.

Train up your party and pit them against this new challenge!

Raid Enemies:

The Ten Wise Men

The Ten Wise Men, Claude’s adversaries in the main story, will now appear as Raid Enemies that appear throughout the world!

As Raid Enemies, the Ten Wise Men will be even more powerful than they were in the story battles. Victory over these Raid Enemies will give you a “Jewel” that allows you to call forth the Ten Wise Men with the Assault Action system.

Character Graphics &

Ending Collection

The update adds a Character Graphics Collection that allows you to look at all the character illustrations whenever you
like, and a playback feature in the Ending Collection that allows you to revisit the endings you’ve achieved at any time.

It goes without saying that the Character Graphics Collection features Claude, Rena and the team, but you can also view art of the Ten Wise Men and the newly added character illustrations.

The Ending Collection playback feature allows you to view any of the endings you’ve unlocked from the Special option on the title screen.

New NPC illustrations

added to event scenes!

Illustrations for six NPCs who appear in event scenes have been added to the game.

All of these character illustrations have been newly drawn by Yukihiro Kajimoto.

New equipment added

to Item Creation

New weapons for each party character and new armour will also be added.

These new items can be obtained through Item Creation or as drops from Raid Enemies.

Useful Features

New features allow you to choose how you wish to keep playing the game after

Features have been added to allow you to customise your subsequent playthroughs after having completed the game.

Claude or Rena’s star will appear on the title screen, depending on what completed save files you have.

You can now choose whether to reset character levels when carrying over a save file (items etc. will be carried over)

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