Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis announces The First Soldier Episode II scenario, playable Vincent, and Monster Hunter collab

In a new broadcast airing today, Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis announced a new scenario for the free to play smartphone RPG that chronicles the events of the Final Fantasy VII universe. In The First Soldier – Episode II, we will continue to follow a younger Sephiroth and how he comes to acquire his Masamune weapon – and pictured alongside him is a young Angeal, featured prominently in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII.

Chapter 3 of the Crisis Core scenario will release in June, and then Vincent Valentine will be the newest playable character that will release in Chapter 7 of the Final Fantasy VII scenario in July. Chapter 4 of the Crisis Core scenario will follow in August. A summer event will release beachwear outfits for Yuffie Kisaragi and Lucia Lin as well as guild battles and guild missions.

Also announced was a Monster Hunter collaboration event beginning May 31st. Picured are Rathalos, Glavenus, Kirin, Zinogre, and Hinoe as well as Monster Hunter-themed weapons and outfits.

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