Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis next story updates "The Boy and the Hero" and "The Hero Sephiroth" arrive May 15

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis has a new story update due out May 15, 2024 (7:00pm Pacific) for iOS, Android, and Steam. This update includes two new chapters for the The First Soldier scenario, which follows a trio of SOLDIER operatives dispatched to the Rhadore region to establish a site for a new mako reactor.

During their mission they are encounter a mysterious young man named Rosen, and are assigned under the command of a young Sephiroth. In the trailer below, we see footage from Chapter 7 “The Boy and the Hero” and Chapter 8 “The Hero Sephiroth”.

In recent Ever Crisis updates, a new summon Leviathan can be acquired after fulfilling certain requirements and new weapon draws for Yuffie Kisaragi and Matt Winsord are available, alongside the typical slate of banners and promotional events.

Catch the trailer below:

Ever Crisis — Chapter 7: “The Boy and the Hero” & Chapter 8: “The Hero Sephiroth”



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