Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter 81 Summary - Dawntrail Job Updates Detailed

In the eighty first Letter from the Producer Live broadcast, Final Fantasy XIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida and global community producer Toshio Murouchi went through an exhaustive list of job updates coming in the Dawntrail expansion, as well as updates to the benchmark, fantasia system, and other news.

Check out our summary below for the latest:

Benchmark Graphics Update & Fantasia Update

The team had an update regarding feedback on how characters appear in the recently-released Dawntrail benchmark, particularly how its lighting settings was creating an erroneous impression of how characters would appear in the full game. The benchmark will be updated before launch (they’re shooting for May 30-31 but could not confirm) which will fix these issues.

They are also planning to adjust a lot of features based on player feeback – one of which is the miqo’te Keeper of the Moon canines appearing shorter. Yoshida asked for further comments on their plans going forward. Lalafell teeth have also been adjusted. Some characters have had to have their face mapping adjusted based on lines that would appear on the face in certain conditions.

In Patch 7.0, a NPC will be added to Ul’dah that introduces you to the Phial of Fantasia appearance change system. This NPC will give you a free phial for this quest. Additionally, the system is being changed where you will have a 60 minute window after using a phial to change your appearance and finalize. You may change your appearance as many times as you want within that window, but once it closes you will no longer be able to.

The team also shared a preview of the Dawntrail title menu.

Job Updates

First, the team introduced a new Job Action trailer to highlight the new and adjusted actions for each Job.

Please note that the following is not a full and comprehensive list of every addition or adjustment coming in the Dawntrail expansion. Comments from the team that are not in a slide are indicated with an asterisk.

Overview & Action Change Settings
• New actions added to all jobs in accordance with the level cap increase to 100.
• The team has made adjustments based on feedback received throughout the 6.x series and proceeded with he goal of improving ease of use and not change things dramatically but make things smoother or more comfortable to play.
• Overall there are increases to defensive role actions which may be a hint on how enemy encounters may be designed.
• Some of the jobs will have changes in their rotations with the new actions being added.
• Job actions have been streamlined and “cleaned up” a bit for the burst damage phase for 7.0 to improve player strategies for encounters. The team is working on a plan for 8.0 (the next expansion following Dawntrail) to add more drastic changes and bring out more job individuality, and this is part of the long-term process to get there.

Action Change Settings will be added, which will allow players to take actions that change into other actions, split them apart, and set them to individual hotbar slots. On a per action basis in the Actions & Traits menu, you can set whether they will change. This is to prevent situations where activating a changed skill is undesired.

Role: Tank
Rampart and job-exlucisve 30% damage reduction abilities will be upgraded in the 90s level range.
Reprisal‘s duration will be increased to 15 seconds in the 90s level range.

Job: Paladin
• The second and third executions of Atonement have been changed to new actions with separate animations (Atonement will change to these actions, so input execution will remain the same)
• A new action that can be executed after Blade of Valor will be added.
* Goring Blade will require the Fight or Flight buff to activate.

Job: Warrior
• A new action, which can be executed after three executions of Fell Cleave or Decimate while Inner Release is active, will be added.
• A new action that can be executed after Primal Rend will be added.
* Effects and animation for Inner Chaos have been adjusted.

Job: Dark Knight
• To reduce the number of inputs during burst damage phases, Blood Weapon will upgrade into Delirium, and the effects of Blood Weapon will be added to Delirium.
• A new action that can be executed after Living Shadow will be added.

Job: Gunbreaker
• A new action that can be executed after Fated Circle (via Continuation) will be added.
• A new three-step combo that can be executed after Bloodfest will be added (no cartridge cost).
* End of Heart (Lion Heart) is the name of the new job action seen in the trailer.
* Sonic Break will need No Mercy to activate.

Role: Melee DPS
Second Wind‘s healing potency will be increased in the 90s level range.
Feint’s duration will be increased to 15 seconds in the 90s level range.
* This change is to improve ease of use on the player but also to accommodate some of the boss design changes they are creating.

Job: Monk
• Basic combo mechanics will no longer center around maintaining a buff or damage over time; instead, performing actions in a certain order will increase the next action’s potency. (The feel of the job will remain largely the same, while alleviating uncertainty about which action to use when rotation is interrupted.)
• Can accumulate up to a total of ten chakra while Brotherhood is active (to prevent chakra overflow).
* The Job UI update for monk looks complicated, but it’s intended to communicate more information instead of looking at the buff/debuff bar and the Job UI.
* When Six-sided Star is activated, an action will be available based on how much chakra you have stacked and the action’s potency will be increased.

Job: Dragoon
• To reduce positional requirements for the single-target combo, the fifth combo action has been changed to a new non-directional action, Drakesbane. (Fang and Claw/Wheeling Thrust will change to Drakesbane, so input execution will remain the same.
• To facilitate maximum damage output at the beginning of a battle Life of the Dragon will be available without accumulating Dragon Gauge.
• To reduce the number of inputs during burst damage phases, certain actions will be removed or adjusted.
* The team wanted to maintain the feel of the job but minimize pain points.
* Animations for Vorpal Thrust and Disembowl have been adjusted.
* Spineshatter Dive has been changed or removed where it will move your character.

Job: Ninja
Huton‘s effect has been moved to a trait and will always be active. (Huton will be changed to an AoE attack which grants the effect of Hidden).
• Actions which extend the duration of Huton’s effect will be adjusted in accordance with the above change.
* The Job UI will change accordingly to reflect another change with the job.

Job: Samurai
• To simplify recast management Tsubame-gaeshi will be changed to be executable after Meikyo Shisui.
Hakaze, Tenka Goken, and Midare Setsugekka will be upgraded into new actions.
* Traits will lower the recast time for Hissatsu: Guren and Hissatsu: Senei.

Job: Reaper
Plentiful Harvest‘s effect will no longer increase the Shroud Gauge by 50, and instead will allow execution of Enshroud (now can be used when gauge is at 51 or more without waste).
• A new action that can be executed while Enshrouded will be added.
* With Enhanced Harpe, Hells Ingress and Hells Egress will be affected in an unspecified way.

New Job: Viper
• A fast-paced job that fluidly shifts between dual blade (a blade in each hand) and double-bladed (connected blades) strikes in their various combos and abilities.
• Has similar total of actions as other jobs, but designed that fewer actions need to be set on the hotbar.
* You will need to pay attention to the type of enhancement or enfeeblement you produce to determine the next action in your combo.
* As you use combo actions, a gauge will accumulate. Once filled with the requisite amount, you can enter ‘Reawakened’ state, which will allow you to enter various double-bladed abilities.
* You need to execute double bladed abilities and not waste the recast as Reawakened lasts.
* It may seem simple with less actions on the hotbar, but you’ll need to be acutely aware of buffs and debuffs to best proceed to your next action.

Role: Physical Ranged DPS
Second Wind‘s healing potency will be increased in the 90s level range.
• Damage reduction of job-exclusive defensive abilities will be increased to 15% in the 90s level range.

Job: Bard
Mage’s Ballad, Army’s Paeon, and Wanderer’s Minuet will be changed into buffing actions which do not attack enemies.
Pitch Perfect will be changed into an AoE attack for ease of use in encounters with multiple enemies.
* Straight Shot Ready and Shadow Bite Ready will be merged, but you’ll still be able to choose wether to proceed with a single target or AoE attack.

Job: Machinist
Barrel Stabilizer will no longer increase Heat Gauge by 50, and instead will allow execution of Hypercharge (now can be used when gauge is at 51 or more without waste).
• A new trait which accumulates charges for Drill will be added.
* Upper tier actions for Heat Blast, Gauss Round, and Ricochet added with the level cap increase.

Job: Dancer
• A new action that can be executed after Flourish will be added.
• A new action which consumes Esprit can be executed after Technical Finish will be added.
* A new action will allow the effect of Standard Step without having to go through the actions.

Role: Magical Ranged DPS
Swiftcast‘s recast will be reduced to 40 seconds in the 90s level range.
Addle‘s duration will be increased to 15 seconds in the 90s level range.

Job: Black Mage
• Various adjustments will be made to streamline certain aspects of the job, such as restoring MP upon landing ice spells while Umbral Ice is active, instead of passively over time.
• A new action which repositions Ley Lines beneath the caster will be added.

Job: Summoner
• Solar Bahamut, a new summon akin to Bahamut and Phoenix will be added.
• A new action that can be executed after Searing Light will be added.
* The current Bahamut looks like the Allagan description, and there is the idea of brining in another Bahamut with a different appearance.
* You would be summoning Solar Bahamut, Bahamut, Solar Bahamut (again), then Phoenix.
* Summoner will keep Resurrection after heated debate, but it’s perhaps not guaranteed for the next expansion.

Job: Red Mage
Manafication will no longer increase Black Mana and White Mana by 50, and will instead allow the execution of enchanted swordplay actions without cost (can now be executed while mana is at 51 or more without waste).
• The AoE enchanted swordplay combo beginning with Enchanted Moulinet will now consume a total of 50 Black Mana and White Mana, similar to its single-target counterpart.
* Whenever Embolden is executed there will be a new attack ability.

New Job: Pictomancer
• Prepares by painting a variety of motifs, then renders them to life to produce an assortment of effects. Renders multiple motifs to execute high-powered attacks.
• Capable of granting buffs to party and self.
* Pictomancer can use ‘motifs’ in three forms reflected by the job UI: the ‘creature’ motif, the ‘weapon’ motif, and ‘landscape’ motif. By using an action to ‘render’ these motifs, they will execute powerful abilities. The ‘creature’ motif can draw a moogle or a madeen in two actions. The weapon motif can be used to draw a hammer that can be used for a DPS burst, and the landscape motf can be used to apply a party buff.
* Using spells increases the Pictomancer’s Aetherhue, and at requisite levels they can use this to cast White Holy or Black Meteor. Depending on the hue it will affect casting speed and potency.
* Pictomancer has an action that will allow them to dash forward quickly.

Role: Healer
Swiftcast‘s recast will be reduced to 40 seconds in the 90s level range.

Job: White Mage
• A new action allowing the caster to quickly move forward will be added.
• A new AoE attack, which can be executed to three times after Presence of Mind, will be added.
* A trait will allow for increased stacks of Tetragrammaton.

Job: Scholar
Seraphism, a new action which changes the caster’s appearance and enhances healing magicks, will be added.
• A new AoE attack that can be executed after Chain Stratagem will be added.
* A trait will allow for a reduced recast time for Recitation.

Job: Astrologian
• The card system will no longer be random, and will instead simultaneously draw cards with offensive, defensive, and curative effects.
Astrodyne will be removed in accordance with the discontinuation of astrosigns.
* Cards will be divided into 2 groups with 4 cards. Every 60 seconds you will draw 4 cards from 1 group and you can use them when you think they’re appropriate. The four cards will include offensive, defensive abilities.
* A trait will increase the stack number for Essential Dignity.
* Focus on changes was to utilize the cards but eliminate the randomness.

Job: Sage
Eukrasia will now enhance Dyskrasia II into Eukrasian Dyskrasia, an AoE attack which deals damage over time to enemies within range.
• A new party buff, which heals nearby party members whenever the caster casts a spell, will be added.
* A trait will shorten the time to recast Soteria that will enhance Kardion.

PvP Update

• Viper and Pictomancer will be added in Patch 7.0. (Both jobs will have their own respective PvP actions and limit break).
• In patch 7.1 new PvP actions, action adjustments, and adjustments to existing maps will be added.
• Crystalline Conflict ranked matches will be in preseason between patch 7.0 and 7.1. (Rankings will not be updated, but tiers and Crystal Credit will be affected by wins and losses.

New Characters

The Warrior of Light will participate in Tural’s contest for its next ruler. These characters are rivals in that contest.

Bakool Ja Ja is a two-headed mamool ja like Tural’s current ruler Gulool Ja Ja. While they are not royalty, they have their own reasons for seeking the throne.

Koana looks like a miqo’te but they are not called as such in Tural. They will be travelling separately to the Warrior of Light’s party and Bakool Ja Ja’s party.


• The Fall Guys collaboration returns from May 23 to June 10, 2024.
• A collaboration with MTN DEW has been announced. Enter codes under the caps of specially marked MTN DEW products to recieve points. Redeem those points for items like the Mountain Zu minion or the Sparkling Citrus Refreshment. This starts May 16th and ends July 14, 2024. This collaboration is US only.
• Pre-orders for a loporrit plushie (with in-game furnishing), a translucent Azem Crystal keychain, and FFXIV-themed cable clips are available.
• Immerse Gamepack Version 2.2 is now available – the 30 day free trial has been refreshed for all users.
The Primals will be in concert in Yokohama, Japan on September 21-22, 2024.
• The collaboration with KFC returns to Japan only – further details will be announced later.

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