Kingdom Hearts series coming to Steam on June 13

After several years of waiting, the Kingdom Hearts series on PC is finally shedding its Epic Games Store exclusivity and making its way in totality to Steam. According to an announcement via Twitter, all three major collections will be available on Valve’s platform beginning June 13.

While pricing has yet to be officially detailed, fans can expect the following games in each bundle:

All 3 Bundles

Additionally, there will be a bundle called Kingdom Hearts Integrum Masterpiece, and that will include all the above compilations in a single package. Those who purchase said bundle or KHIII will gain access to an exclusive new keyblade: “Dead of Night”.

Kingdom Hearts on PC was originally released through Epic Games Store on March 30, 2021 so it has been quite some time since that particular launch. These games are also available on PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Update: Today, Square Enix has posted the Steam version announcement trailer with a new re-recording of “Simple and Clean” by Utada Hikaru:

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