Final Fantasy XI June 2024 update refreshes Ambuscade, various system updates

Final Fantasy XI‘s June 2024 update is available today and refreshes Ambuscade objectives along with a few system-related updates. Chapter 1 of Ambuscade will have players face off against Sahagin, and Chapter 2 will feature Hecteyes. Both encounters will have additional companions, and the team suggest that you may need to change up your strategy accordingly and reference previous iterations of the battle.

Items will have a new icon that shows whether or not you can deliver it to another character on the same service account. The icon appears as an “EX” and can also be sent to characters that purely function as item storage, and the team hopes this will ease some of the burden of managing your collection.

Up until today, using the text command ‘/names off’ would turn off the display of names for your character, monsters, and NPCs, but a new option will let you hide the names of other player character. The team thinks this will be useful for situations where you are streaming, but note that this won’t affect names that appear in the party list.

Cornelia’s alter ego will return for a limited time in conjunction with Vana’Bout Round 2’s target goal. The event is a community-wide endeavor to rack up points to fulfill a rotating objective. In the future, Beseiged will be getting an update to adapt the content to higher levels, and as part of that process, the team has removed the level difference adjustment from Al Zahbi.

The team will also be gifting an Ark Shield to all players for a limited time, just for logging in. You’ll have until the July 2024 update to claim it in-game.

In other FFXI news, the June iteration of the Login Campaign is active through July 2nd, 2024, and upon logging in you’ll earn points that can be spent on a variety of items. This month’s featured item is Kupon A-AEV, a token that can be exchanged for items in the Arrogance Plate set. The Sunshine Seeker event is also back on June 14th, and will change your appearance into a mandragora to complete special tasks. Rewards include a adenium bench, which allows you to sit on a fashionable couch, and a mandragora alter ego.

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