Final Fantasy XV demoed at TGS, more information expected at Jump Festa and more often By Erren Van Duine on September 20, 2014 at 12:57 AM

Square Enix showed off a new demo of Final Fantasy XV during tonight’s TGS stage events, showcasing a technical demo of sorts of the cityscape shown in last year’s reveal trailer in an effort to dispel Japanese user impressions that this week’s new trailer was pre-rendered content. Hajime Tabata, now sole director of the title, also took some time to share some information about the upcoming Duscae demo packaged with Final Fantasy Type-0 – the likes of which his team is working hard toward releasing simultaneously.

According to him, Duscae is the name of a location in the game. The length of the demo will be about one hours worth should you choose not to explore, but players can probably play up to 3 or 4 hours through the game’s overworld and possible dungeon that may be included. As seen in the trailer, you’ll be able to drive a car around – and maybe even chocobos if the team has time – or, if you’d rather, one of Noctis’ friends can take over the wheel as well. The demo will feature a variety of enemies, but no boss battles however, as those will be quite a big deal in the final game. That adamantoise? You’ll be able to fight him but it will take some time to bring him down. Instead of boss battles Tabata plans to have something even more amazing – something that Final Fantasy fans will really enjoy.

Moving on, Tabata’s new tech demo titled “The Overture” detailed some of XV’s dynamic weather and rotating day and night cycle, including places that don’t get wet under objects even when it rains and depressions in elevation that will accrue more water when wet. Using some of the engine tools, Tabata played around a bit with the game’s warp mechanics before finally bringing in a bunch of goblin enemies and last year’s behemoth to show working combat.

One of the new features shown here are team-up attacks that happen spontaneously triggered by proximity with allies. Noctis is also able to avoid a goblin’s poison by using the Defend action, which causes him to automatically evade enemies, or auto-attack by holding down the Attack ability. These systems are different from the ones shown last E3 – everything shown today is more representative of what players can expect in the final product. Combat is action based but has been simplified to allow for a more user-friendly experience.

Last year’s E3 video was running on a meshed-together engine known as Ebony, but development has shifted over to the Luminous Engine and The Overture presentation is proof of that. Visual quality stands at about 70-80% but is expected to improve over time.

In closing, Tabata confirmed a few things: first is that visuals are still being fine-tuned. Secondly, the team plans on showing the game more often – starting with Jump Festa in December. And finally, because time for this presentation was so short, expect to see even more of it on Square Enix Presents in the near future.

A bit of the demo has been captured for you to see below.