GC 2015: Final Fantasy XV interview with Hajime Tabata By André Mackowiak on August 7, 2015 at 12:14 PM

Gamescom is a new beginning for Final Fantasy XV – a project that has undergone countless changes since its original reveal as Final Fantasy Versus XIII in 2006. Having skipped E3 in favor of turning over a new leaf and kick-starting the game’s first steps into marketing the final game, there’s no doubt expectations were high.

On the first day of the show we sat down with Hajime Tabata, Director of Final Fantasy XV together with our German media colleagues from JPGames.de and Koneko ahead of the Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report at the booth stage. While we also received more information about the game in general, Tabata also shed some light on the motives behind the new PR campaign.


Nova Crystallis: In previous Final Fantasy games, the character design of the party usually featured a clear variety in terms of looks. Characters usually had colorful outfits, which also differed in style. In FFXV the whole main cast will wear black. What was the reason for such a choice and will we see more interesting outfits in the course of the game?

Hajime Tabata: So the characters we will show afterwards are not entirely dressed in black. For XV we are trying to introduce more realistic, grounded in reality-like designs into the game. As part of the main game – including the overall aesthetic – we’ve got several character clothing based on real clothing designs with similar things you wear in real life.

Talking about the trailer we released today is called “Dawn” because it represents the start of things. So the image that you get with “Dawn” is actually the darkness before a dawn. Something really big is going to happen to the game and before that it’s really dark. The color black is used to represent that and to embody the feeling at that time in the game.

Nova Crystallis: Will the suit for Noctis as designed by Roen still be in the game?

xUXdBTtTabata: The contract we did with Roen when we first started making Final Fantasy Versus XIII contained a number of designs for the game. The designs from Roen that were contracted to us during that point are still being used for Final Fantasy XV. There are no additional ones, but the ones from before are still in the game.

You are very well informed on this! When we rebooted the game and turned it into XV rather than Versus XIII we would have been ashamed not to use those. We redesigned the story and the look of the world to include those in another fashion.

Koneko: We already know that there will be various locations based on real world locations with examples like Shinjuku or Venice. Are there any other real locations we can expect? How about Germany? For example, the kingdom of Niflheim sounds very German and there is a lot of medieval style in the game. Cars also play a big role – why not make German cars?

Tabata: There is no town in the game directly based on a German city. Certainly, the country of Niflheim is a very medieval or pre-modern kind o feel to it. The design aesthetics were taken from a lot ranges, starting with the Roman Empire and then maybe starting with the good pre-German, the Germanic. There are sorts of different aspects in there.

NiflheimBut I think cars are more important than that (laughs)! We really looked at a lot of German cars. I personally really like German cars. We would have loved to do some collaborations with German car manufacturers. I can’t really tell exactly you which company we looked at, but certainly the design of the car in the game was inspired by German car manufacturers and a couple of British cars, as well.

The car obviously plays a very big part in the story. The boys are driving with it, but it actually belonged to Noctis’ father. It was has car that got handed down.

It’s like a metaphor so that the journey will be preserved by his father. It also represents the relationship between Noctis and him.

For Japan and probably elsewhere, as well, the idea of the car that your father drives and being linked to him is a very strong thing. For most Japanese kids and not only the fathers and sons, but also the daughters, being taken for a drive has a special meaning.

I really wanted to point out that we looked at German cars closely.


Koneko: Well, Mario Kart had a Mercedes DLC!

Tabata: (Laughs) I am very jealous about this one! If we can’t get Mercedes, we get BMW, Porsche or Audi maybe (laughs)!

JPGames.de: When Final Fantasy Versus XIII was introduced back then, the style was very dark and sad. I believe it was Nomura-san, who said this would be the saddest Final Fantasy. The more recent trailers showed more light-hearted, roadtrip themes, though. How has the game changed and is it still dark and sad?

Tabata: We mentioned this very often to the media and the fans: Final Fantasy XV and Versus are different games. It’s not always that they share the same tone and feel.

The best way to look at it is that Final Fantasy XV is a much bigger scaled game than Final Fantasy Versus XIII was going to be. It contains the things that were very important to Final Fantasy Versus XIII, but that’s not all – there is more to it.

C1I just want to tell you more about the new trailer, because that fits in. The trailer is entirely made of in-game footage. It’s not pre-rendered at all. With the technology we’ve got now, we are able to put in those emotional expressions in the game and really show those human feelings. We are not ashamed to use it to its fullest. It’s not that we got the happy emotions only, we got the really tragic and sad stuff as well. That’s what I wanted people to see, when they see the trailer.

Going up to the Episode Duscae demo, we really wanted people to experience what kind of game they get. In the change from Versus XIII to XV we wanted to ensure people about what it’s going to be and how it’s going to look and feel. We wanted to ensure people that this is what they are going to get and that this will be a good game.

The other thing we wanted to do with the demo was to get feedback by the players. That is something we had never done before with a standalone Final Fantasy or a non-MMO Final Fantasy. It was really a great experience and valuable to get all that feedback and opinions on the game and use it to complete the game until its final form.

Starting today at Gamescom we are moving to the next phase. We are putting everyone at the same starting line. You don’t have to know about the game, you don’t have to follow it up until now, because it all starts from here. We are going to release more information and get people to know about what is finally going to be in Final Fantasy XV. That’s what we are trying to do with the new promotion and trailer at Gamescom.

Final_Fantasy_XV_LeviathanThere seemed to be a lot of rumors and people believed we were going to announce the final release date of the game this week at Gamescom. We are very sorry to disappoint those people, but we are not doing that.

There is a good reason for that, though. Like I explained, we now entered our promotional reboot phase and going back to basics – explaining the game to everyone. We feel that it’s not the time to do that.

Rest assured, because we’ve got a solid plan now and pretty much decided when are releasing the game. There is other information we want to get out before we make the announcement.

Nova Crystallis: Usually a Final Fantasy game features six to eight summons. How about Final Fantasy XV? We already know about Ramuh, Titan and Leviathan. Can you tell us more? And what about that giant creature we saw in the end of the new trailer?

Tabata: The big fuzzy thing you saw at the end of the trailer is not a summon monster or Eidolon. But to come back to your question about other summons – of course there are more. The idea behind the summoning monsters in Final Fantasy XV is that they are not such random creatures, where you’ve got no idea where they come from. They not only show up and suddenly disappear – they all have reasons and purposes. They fit into the world as something that lives there.


Even the ones you have seen so far – they all have some sort of function or role in the structure of the world itself. The future summons that we are going to show also have that strong link to the game world.

In previous Final Fantasy games the summons never played a massive part in the main story. They were there, but they were more for combat. In XV they play a key part.

Nova Crystallis: You previously mentioned that there will be different ways to obtain a summon in the game. What other ways than a fight could there be to recruit them? A puzzle maybe?

Tabata: The idea of recruiting or obtaining them is not the best way to look at them (laughs). You get them to help you. You ask them to let them agree to help you. In the world of Final Fantasy there is one word given to them and that is “Guardians.” They are protective deities. So the relationship that Noctis has with them is that he besieges them to request them to lend him their power.

008It’s a bit misleading, though. In the demo, you just obtain Ramuh and it seems quite easy. In the real game there is a lot more to it how you get him to support you.

Koneko: After watching the movie Les Miserables, Nomura-san once said he wanted to turn the game into a musical. So now there is a Persona 4 dancing game. Can we expect a return of elements like that? For example characters singing or dancing together?

Tabata: Yes, you mentioned it, there are a lot of Japanese games or properties which are doing musical stuff these days. I think people enjoy seeing characters from a different angle. If people are really looking for it and want it or we maybe have the offer by someone to do one, we will definitely think about it (laughs)! I’ll keep that in mind!

JPGames.de: It has been announced that Kingdom Heats 3 changed the graphics engine to Unreal 4. For XV, you use the Luminous Engine, which was universally designed for several games. But now it seems it’s become an exclusive engine for Final Fantasy XV. Will future Final Fantasy games still use it?

Tabata: No, we are not planning making them all on Luminous. The first version of the engine was designed as a generic game creation engine. But it turned out that the first one wasn’t particularly powerful to make high quality games.

In order to make it the engine that could really make high quality games there was really the need to have a title entirely based around it with developing the engine at the same time as developing the game.

j0ffxdv9wtxoes2aqqakThe way this worked was that we took the original Luminous Studio team working on the engine and combined the team with the XV development team. We created a new Luminous team in some ways.

There is certainly a chance after we finish Final Fantasy XV. We developed the engine alongside the game so there so there is a good chance that we may use it again in another game. But there is no solid plan at the moment. It could happen.

Nova Crystallis: For example, the Final Fantasy VII Remake!

Tabata: Final Fantasy VII (Remake) is not planned to be made with that!

Nova Crystallis: We know that there is a female Dragoon in the game. Maybe she is going to be summoning Leviathan, we don’t know. But are there any other classical Final Fantasy character or job types making a return, like Black Mages?

Tabata: There are no solid plans to include a lot of classic Final Fantasy jobs to be in the game. But people want to see these things. We try to include them in some way in the future, but that is very much under discussion.

By the way, the female Dragoon is not summoning Leviathan, that’s not what she does. Sorry! But the Dragoon shows up during a very important time in the game, she is one of the key characters.


Koneko: Just a short question – one that I also asked Mr. Yoshida: Japanese beer or German beer?

Tabata: I don’t drink, so I cant answer this freely. I would say German, If you force me to drink I would pick German beer (laughs). Prost!

JPGames.de: Would you say that Final Fantasy XV is a character-driven or story-driven game?

Tabata: I only got two choices? …Player driven! (laughs)

What really is most important about XV is the story experience. The way I see Final Fantasy and its origins is the best possible story experience, supported by the best possible technology of that time.

We’ve got the art, the gameplay, the character development system, the battles and the best possible technology. They are there to support the story and make it as good as it could be. It’s not the other way around – they really tell the story. We think we got priorities right there.

JPGames.de: And you need the characters.

Tabata: Yes! We’ve got this amazing level of technology right now to really show human emotions in such detail and realistic way. We are maybe moving away from the more stylized expressions of characters. With the past hardware you were limited in what you can do so you had to stylize things to a certain degree.

re4rfweWe want to move to make the characters feel like real people.

Nova Crystallis: We just talked about many German things and the story. Was there a time when you considered the voice cast being in German, French, Spanish, Italian, too? Many players are maybe not good at English or Japanese. Some are maybe not concentrated enough to read subtitles and it becomes exhausting. It’s somehow a break in the immersion of the game if you are not listening to a game in your mother tongue.

Tabata: Obviously, there are times where as developer you have to think about it. It’s a very big consideration. In general terms, because of the budget it will take to do that most people give up on that quite quickly.

So where XV is at the moment, we really would like to have French, German and other voices in there if possible, but at the moment we only locked down the Japanese and English voices. We have to consider all sorts of different aspects – for example if we had time to develop that within the workflow. It’s looking very difficult to get that in and to keep everything else in the game.

Nova Crystallis: How about after release? You for example added the Japanese voice track for Lightning Returns as a DLC.

IMG_5921Tabata: We are positively looking into the idea of expanding the voice support for the game after release or as DLC. Also if we bring the game to other platforms in the future. We would very much like to expand languages on that, as well.

So when it comes to localization and our priorities, we think that before we want to introduce French, German or other voices, we want to expand the number of text-supported languages. Traditionally, Final Fantasy is only translated into Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. It has been just those five languages, but it is just a small amount compared to games that other companies are doing… it’s probably a higher priority to get more people to play the game before we enhance the experience for certain languages.

But we still fall behind after other people on that, unfortunately.

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    Oh, you mean the part of the story where the summons didn’t do anything in the story, really, and it was the praying at the temples that mattered? Even if you made a case for the summons, their significance is belittled by the fact that the only one that seems to matter at all is the Final Aeon.

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    You want to include her in trailers because you want people to know she exists and to speculate, but her importance has to be revealed in game – I’m entirely ok with that.

  • Arecia??? Nononono, that’s a different game you got there! That’d be like Lightning being in Type-0! These games only have a common mythos, which means that only the gods Pulse, Lindzei, Etro, Mwynn and Bhunivelze and also the terms fal’Cie and l’Cie (although with different meanings) carry over from one game to the next. Speaking of which, do you think that’s why Regis is mourning about Noctis? Because he has to become the crystal’s l’Cie??

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    If I can replace “Aeon” with “item”, then they aren’t that important. The Final Aeon is important sure, but that’s mostly it. If the story had been “Yuna must pray at each temple to receive the gods’ blessings” would that be any different?

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    The final Aeon was so important to the story that we obtain it from Yunalesca and use it to defeat Sin and then posses the final Aeon. Yuna get kill by the final Aeon and then meager awaits for several years before it is reborn as Sin to start killing of people in Spira again.

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    I’m not saying the Final Aeon isn’t important, but every other one is unimportant. If all the Aeons had been as important as the Final Aeon, then I’d be agreeing with you, but they aren’t. They’re Macguffins.

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    The ones in the sky in the final of the trailer are the gods Etro, Pulse and Lidnzei

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    I meant in equivalence (square showing important characters but not revealing anything about them)

    I think Noct’s mother dies and he falls asleep from crying. He survives the event which and that gives him his power. His dad saying “i will always be with you” seams like an appropriate thing to say (to him also loosing his wife) – so nothing la’cie related.

    At the end of duscae, the knights of the round are beside Etro, with seven swords which i think are representative to 7 crystals in the world. On the clouds, appear to be the guardians (you can see Ramuh and Titan) and below them is Ultros and Leviathan which is making me wonder if Leviathan is a different kind of summon

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    None of the other Aeons doesn’t matter, play any role in the story, or can be use in combat because we didn’t have to travel from one temple to the next to obtain them. The other Aeon weren’t important to the story because we just head straight from Besaid to Zanarkard to get the final Aeon. Also, the kid who is suppose to be Bahamut who tells us how Sin was created after Yunalesca is defeated doesn’t exist since he was not important to the story. I think I got what you are saying.

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    Something not being important in the story does not mean it isn’t in the story or that the story isn’t built around it. The reason I’m saying the Aeons aren’t important to the story is because they could literally have been replaced by “Ifrit’s Rage”, “Shiva’s Lament”, etc. key items and the story wouldn’t change. Those key items could unlock summon commands for Yuna and then the story remains the same. The Aeons do nothing on their own. The kid could easily have been some spirit from the Farplane or some such and the story wouldn’t differ. Something important to the story is something that that story could not exist without. The majority of the story of Final Fantasy X wouldn’t happen if the concept of praying at the temples for the fayth’s blessing didn’t exist, but that concept doesn’t hinge on the existence of the Aeons. Instead, as I said before, Yuna could merely power-up or gain certain traits at each temple–like it’s done in Tales of Symphonia.

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    You seem misinformed.

    Noct isn’t much older in the clip where he and Regis taste a bowl of soup, and the character model used there is the original one too.

    Also, the new model looks ethnically white, whereas the original one looks quite Japanese.

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  • That was created back in 2013 using the old engine. Plus, it wouldn’t make much sense for him to not have aged one bit for 15 years now, would it? Don’t worry, you’ll get your unchanged Regis. No need to petition…

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  • First of all, it’s not just Noctis that has this power, it is everyone of the Lucis line of Kings that are “charged with protecting the crystal”, similar to what the l’Cie in Type-0 did which is why they gained their powers. Second, if those things in the sky aren’t gods, then what are they? Third, knights of the round? This is not in XV. 7 crystals? There is only one remaining in the world of XV. I dunno if we’ll learn anything about Noctis’ mother but that is an interesting point you make there. She might actually play an important part in the story.

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  • CocaineCowboyFF7

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    You mean the “made-for-purpose” temporary engine that was only used for that single trailer? Also, why would that make any difference?

    >Plus, it wouldn’t make much sense for him to not have aged one bit for 15 years now, would it?

    As he said, you misunderstand. Didn’t he just explain to you why that was wrong?

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    He looks like a bad cosplayer.

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    Why do you think it’s not realistic?
    I agree on it being not that good for his character.

    Naah, I’m repeating myself all over again… I’ll just let it be from now on. They’ll probably leave him as he is now anyway, so… Unfortunately for the worse. ;D

  • D†C

    Well, but these costumes were actually physically designed by a japanese fashion brand. So they are real. Like more realistic nowadays than an armor for example.

  • Kevin30

    Well, yeah. Because Felipe Medeiros said so.

  • Kevin30

    And tragic.

  • highsky00

    Yeah that also sounds tragic too .Poor little Noctis .

  • Yes, I do mean that engine, a.k.a. the Ebony engine. The difference is made because when they transferred all the data, they would make some changes as well so that they would better the experience (such as Regis’ before and after images). Also, how is it right for a person to remain the same in 15 years? Or am I misunderstanding again..?

  • Wazi the pa

    All these emotions….. I want to experience it.

  • I think Tabata wanted to express that the summons in XV will be more like a character with a personality. They exist in a world with their own ambitions and purpose they want to fulfill.

    You are right that in FFX the Aeons were an integral part of the story, but they were somehow interchangeable since they are just “things” somehow. There was no bigger interaction, no dialogue, nothing you really find out about the origin of each Aeon. I think that is something we can look forward to in FFXV

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    >Or am I misunderstanding again..?


    >The difference is made because when they transferred all the data, they would make some changes as well so that they would better the experience

    That’s just pure guesswork. And that’s really stupid. Why wouldn’t they just go with the “better” design? The engine doesn’t change that.

    >Also, how is it right for a person to remain the same in 15 years?

    Because he’s not. Like the guy explained to you, the clip in the 2013 trailer is about the same time that the Dawn trailer is at, and the design for each Regis is different. How don’t you understand that?

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    Is there anything like it that you can buy from a common clothes store?

  • Crystal Power

    To be honest I like this concept more than Versus XIII. But I just wish a playable cast could return. Why isn’t anyone asking about that?

  • Noctis Caelum

    And what about FF VI?
    The Espers also played a big role.
    The imperial army stole their power for their needs and died, but they also gave the one to the heroes/player.

    I think it will something like that in FF XV.
    ”Collecting” the espers, gain their power and destroying Niflheim.

  • Noctis Caelum

    And again a very nice and cool interview from you all.
    Thank you, it was funny and exciting to read this article.

    Oh man hype rises again, can’t wait xD

  • chosen105

    Perhaps the option will be possible via DLC?

  • chosen105

    He said that the suit that Noctis was wearing is going to be in the game, I wonder if they will include the original costume he had when Versus XIII was introduced as well. I think that one was way better than what he has on now.

  • Crystal Power

    I hope so. But no one seems to be mentioning it so it probably is not even being thought of by Tabata and the team.

  • CallMeGod

    Maybe you should tell Square Enix and Tabata to incorporate character changing back when it was still Versus XIII.

  • CallMeGod

    You must not live in Japan than.

  • CallMeGod

    I completely agree with what you said. We can also replace the final Aeon with a potion considering Yuna and his crew never need the final Aeon to defeat Sin.

  • Amido

    on ffx only bahamuth is explined lol

  • Amido

    yeahh battle on the big bridge xD

  • Devil’s Luck

    I know this is your desperate “please save me from myself” cry for help, but I can’t help you. Happy trails 🙂

  • NightToDawn

    You do realize that Prompto and the rest of the main casts designs are the same as they were back when it was Versus XIII right? Albeit Prompto’s hair.


    Unless your talking about the place holder designs Nomura used in the very early stages of the game while waiting on the Roen Clothing Brand to finish making the real clothes for the characters.

    Also Nomura is still the main character designer for Final Fantasy XV so he probably drew up the changes to the main cast like Prompto’s hair and also the design changes like Regis and probably drew the new characters too like Lunafreya.

    So Tabata probably didn’t make the changes. At the least he didn’t design them. The original creator most likely did.
    Just giving ya the facts. From one Fan to Another. =]

  • NightToDawn


    Thats the people designing the clothes for Final Fantasy XV.
    Thats what your not understanding.

  • NightToDawn

    Those designs were said by Nomura to be place holders until Roen’s designs were finalized.
    Though, I guess its possible as DLC maybe… Highly doubt it though.

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    Japan isn’t as weird as we make them out to be. They are normal people who don’t cosplay down the street FFS.

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    What could possibly make you think I don’t understand that?

  • Mihel

    Yeah, old outfit was better, way more practical and with a simple elegance.
    The current one looks like something a emo kid would have worn in the mid noughties.

  • NewestType

    Oh no… There’s no logic needed.

    These are actual retail clothing pieces designed by clothing designer Roen. And some of the clothing has been showcased in his shop. And YES shorts and short sleeves are common fashion in japan at least recently. Both for men and teens.

  • NewestType


  • NewestType


    Cosplay are fictional clothing. Real clothes are real clothes. That’s like saying if I wear basketball shorts and a jersey, I’m cosplaying lebron James from nba2k.

    I don’t believe Tetsuya Nomura owns a clothing store. If Nomura designed this, you would be right. But you are defeating your own points because you are saying Japanese people don’t dress like this and clearly they do . And since its Roen brand, they pay a lot of money to do so.

    There’s a difference between a clothing designer and a character designer. And that’s why all the fashion in XV is more conservative in comparison to other FFs (or at least, that’s the vibe i get).

  • Justice V

    Tabata has said a few times in older interviews and ATR’s that they got rid of the multiple playable characters on purpose and he doesn’t really want it in there. So continuing to bring it up in interviews seems kind of like beating a dead horse.

    Personally switching between them always bugged me in the old trailer and especially they way they talked about each playing differently (with Promp being essentially an FPS type character). Story wise and everything else they’ve said it being only one playable character makes the most sense to me as well. Playing different characters when they’re off on solo parts of the story I guess could be cool, but switchable? No thanks for me.

  • Justice V

    It’s not cosplay though. Roen is a high end clothing store in Japan similar to Armani (or maybe closer to A/X) in essence. People do buy and wear these clothes, not in attempts to cosplay FFXV characters but because they’re a fashionable brand there. Not to mention many people wear similar clothes to this here all the time too. Just look up edgier male fashion bloggers you’ll pretty much see the same styles. The fact Roen is real only correlates to cosplay in the sense that because of this people can get better views of the costumes and essentially copy or just buy the outfits straight from Roen, but neither of those change the fact that Roen is a real clothing brand that makes the clothing the characters wear in fact pretty much as close to reality as it gets. Also Prompto’s design is pretty good, the only bad part for me is the boots, but that’s the same with Noctis too, hate his shants and rain boots look.

  • Justice V

    I agree with you to an extent. Though you’re also misinformed in this case. If you watch the Gamescom interview Tabata expressly says they changed Regis’s design. But I agree that I actually like it, and it is most likely that 15 years later he will look different as well, probably back to the slick hair and shaved face.

  • Justice V

    It wouldn’t make much sense to go back to that design. I liked it when it came out, but all the characters looked much more fake and much less realistic. When they upgraded to PS4 they were able to put in much more work to make them have realistic skin and shading so they opted for a more real look for all the characters. So they went to version 2 (if you want to call it that) and Prompto looked pretty horrible. Version 3 looks fits his personality, looks more light hearted and free. Sure he’s a bit more of a freckled white kid than he used to be, but definitely better than version 2, and much more realism than version 1.

  • Justice V

    Definitely the left. I always hated that right one. He looks weird and very evil in it. Luckily back when it came out I could care less about Prompto, but now after playing the demo I actually really like him, and the look of the left fits way better than the look of the right with his character. And it’s barely much of a change as it is, but the hair and subtle face changes help so much.

  • Justice V

    I think only the third. There was the original ps3 version with the cartoony looks for everyone. The upgrade with the ps4 to a more realistic look. And then the side swipe spiky hair look we finally have now.

  • Justice V

    That actually upset me more than anything haha. I don’t care about a release date, because lets face it it’s still a ways off a release date isn’t going to change that. I thought it was fine they didn’t mention it, but then buckling under fan backlash always kind of upsets me. Them announcing a release year just because of the fans was sad. Would have been happier if they just held out till they had wanted to announce it. At least he only kind of mentioned the year by saying not this year and not 2017, rather than being like “yeah it’s coming q3 2016, happy now?”


    And why can’t they give some good old cool outfit on DLC? It is against some kind of rule? Then die… where is Stella anyway..

  • Noctis Pendragon

    I depends if they need to work on them or not (since maybe the old clothes weren’t physically based etc .. ), in this article Tabata says he won’t remove any waste already made .

  • Noctis Pendragon

    It least anyone who is as powerful as Noctis ( Regis and Luna for instance ).
    But i also think we may be able to play child-Noctis and King-Noctis which is cool .

  • stranger

    “The best way to look at it is that Final Fantasy XV is a much bigger scaled game than Final Fantasy Versus XIII was going to be. It contains the things that were very important to Final Fantasy Versus XIII, but that’s not all – there is more to it.”

    This all I need to hear, day one purchase.

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    If you can show me one person wearing similar clothes to Prompto in real life that isn’t cosplaying or role-modelling or something then I’ll take it back.
    I think you guys are missing the point. These are not typical clothes. How is this even a debate? This is not what constitutes “realistic” even if they are actually real or they’re worn by a few select people that decide to wear clothes like this, it’s not typical, and so is not realistic. Jeez.

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    I don’t know what you mean by “retail” clothing, you can’t buy these anywhere, they were made solely for the game, not real world.

    Show me a picture of common Japanese people wearing clothes similar to Prompto that isn’t for fashion or some edgy Tumblr blog, and then we’ll talk.

    I don’t know how this is even a debate. This is not typical clothing. Jeez.

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    >Cosplay are fictional clothing

    What the hell does that mean? They’re still real clothing.

    >But you are defeating your own points because you are saying Japanese people don’t dress like this and clearly they do.


  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    This is some sort of edgy nu-goth fashion brand, not common wear. It’s “scene”.

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    I can’t believe I actually seem to be in the minority when it comes to Prompto’s design. His design is most certainly not realistic, you could at least make an argument that it’s good, and I would accept that.

    In my opinion it’s really not and I don’t know why FF fans aren’t calling betrayal on this one. His old design was perfect. In fact it was the best of the group.

    He had a plain white t-shirt on with a plain leather gilet, plain black jeans with a black belt and boots to top. The contrast was good, the simplicity complimented the design and it was realistic.

    Now, they for some reason traded that design for some sort of edgy nu-goth cosplayer’s outfit, with the gilet replaced with a gilet with a collar, studded with gothic badges in some weird pattern (circles for some reason). The white T is now black with weird squares on it? Looks stupid. Now his belt is thin and white and his trousers have again, some weird pattern on them that looks out of place and is stupid. His boots now have white fur at the top. He has some weird skirt at the back.

    They even have the spotty face to match. The hairs changed too. It sucks.

  • NightToDawn

    Your cosplay argument is not based in logic its opinion. The logic here is that Prompto’s design is not cosplay it is made from an actual clothing store (Expensive I might Add) Roen Clothing Brand [ http://roenshop.jp ]. Clothes like that were on sale when FFXV was revealed but styles go in and out so now VERY similar clothes to all of the main cast can be, and are bought from Roen and worn on the streets of Japan. Logic is reasoning conducted through principles of validity and not just mere words “I keep hearing this, it’s such bull. Prompto’s design especially is anything but realistic. It’s not even a good design.”

    Although, you are completely and utterly entitled to have that opinion its just that some of us don’t share it and we have the facts to back it up that it kinda is realistic. =]

  • NewestType

    God. You make my head hurt. Fashion dude, fashion.

    Roen is a clothing designer. People don’t wear Roen to school. But to clubs, parties, karaoke. ITS FASHION. There’s a guy that works in Japan Town SF in the kinokuniya bookstore with orange hair. I know he’s Japanese because he speaks to the owner in Japanese. I have seen him wearing Roen clothing while working behind the counter. I wear Roen underwear.

    Its like If they put Nikes in final fantasy vi.

    What do you mean “you don’t understand the word retail”? YOU CAN GO TO THE STORE AND BUY IT.


    There’s a reseller of Roen products. You can see parts of prompto’s design is a common element for Roen. Feel free to parouse the users other items to see more. If he’s lucky, he is selling the XV leather jacket and t shirt. But I imagine it’s quite expensive.

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    But again, the problem with that logic is that you’re making the assumption that it’s realistic (or at least a realistic portrayal of the general public) because it is real (even though it’s designed for the game).

    You can buy all sorts of obscure clothing nowadays and wear it down the street. Doesn’t make it realistic. You most certainly have not provided any facts to prove it’s realistic.

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    >People don’t wear Roen to school. But to clubs, parties, karaoke.

    Then show me evidence of people wearing it casually and it being a typical thing.

    >Its like If they put Nikes in final fantasy vi.

    It’s nothing like that at all. Nike is a mainstream clothing brand whereas Roen is an obtuse, edgy clothing brand that is not a realistic portrayal of the general public, and thus cannot be considered realistic.


    I don’t know if you’re joking but that’s not the in-game costume that Prompto wears. It’s vaguely similar, sure, but still isn’t typical of a guy to wear, even though it looks miles better than Prompto’s ACTUAL design.

  • NightToDawn

    The clothes are real and thus the definition of realistic remains.
    Realistic – interested in, concerned with, or based on what is real.

  • NewestType

    You want me to either search Google or take pictures of someone who you must know is a “regular” person? I’m done.

  • NightToDawn

    So basically your definition of realistic is based off of realistic use. Or in this sense, practicality. I feel as though your changing your argument so that no one can touch or challange your opinionated bias.

    Oh well.

  • NewestType

    Harajuku is the common name given to a geographic area spreading from Harajuku Station to Omotesando, corresponding on official maps of Shibuya ward as Jingūmae 1 chōme to 4 chōme. In popular reference Harajuku also encompasses many smaller backstreets such as Takeshita Street and Cat Street spreading between Sendagaya in the north to Shibuya in the south.[1]

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    Using his logic *anything* can be “realistic” under your terms. Hence why I brought up the cosplay point. So again, we go back to the point where it’s not actually realistic in the terms that it represents real life, just that the clothes are – and this is a trivial point – real, like cosplay outfits. And whether or not the clothes represent the real world is not a matter of opinion, it’s a matter of fact, and no one has been able to show me any evidence of this being used by normal people in there everyday lived commonly, only obtuse sets of people – scene – used for modelling/cosplay/fashion/street shows/whatever.

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    Not necessarily. I want ANY sort of proof that this is actually commonly worn by average people – or at least popular enough to justify the term “realistic” – and not some obscure “scene” street gang. Of course, it’s obvious which one it is. This isn’t difficult.

    You were done a long time ago, son.

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    >So basically your definition of realistic is based off of realistic use

    What the hell do you mean by that? They don’t have to be practical. My argument has remained the same, I’m not changing any goalposts. The clothes are not realistic – and I’ve reiterated this many times – in the sense that it’s not typical clothing worn that you would see on the streets around you by lots of people. It doesn’t necessarily have to be extremely popular, but it’s obvious that this type of clothing is scene, AKA not reflective of what everybody else wears.

    I mean, you can’t have something be “based” of real life and then base it of an obscure part of real life. It’s not based of real life then is it? It has to be something typical, something actually reflective of the average person, typical clothing or at least a popular type of clothing for it to justified in real life.

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    Yes, I realize that this is an area, it’s also the name of a very particular type of scene. Look at the photos. Heck most of the time they’re not even wearing clothes similar to Noctis and Co, because it varies so immensely. Even the ones that are – and in the rest of the photos – what do you see in the background? Yes, normal people wearing normal clothes reflective of the real world.

    I can’t believe you’re actually trying to tell me that Harajuku is reflective of the real world.

  • NightToDawn

    Whatever you say sir. It appears you don’t take any of the facts that any of us have stated to heart to think them through, even to the point of disregarding the definition in the dictionary of “Realistic” whilst not putting forward any outside evidence of your own. You only quote your own definition of realistic based on practicality and the fact that the majority of people do not wear such clothes.

    I understand that you say it is not realistic because its based off an (OBSCURE PART OF REAL LIFE) Although, in definition, even if it is based off an obscure part of real life it is still defined as REALISTIC. Rendering your point an opinion based argument.

    I understand where your coming from, I can see you want more everyday common clothing for the main cast. Although, none of us are on the development team and aren’t doing the art direction for this game. So, if you want that type of fashion the closest you will get is the NPCs, they wear the clothes that you describe.

    I do not want to argue any further, from one fan to another (which I think you are because you are commenting on this site) I don’t want bad blood between me and you or any fan. These games are supposed to be fun and arguments like these take the joy out of it. I hope you have a good day and find some enjoyment from the game when it does release. =]

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    >It appears you don’t take any of the facts that any of us have stated to heart to think them through


    >…even to the point of disregarding the definition in the dictionary of “REALISTIC”

    Definition: “Representing familiar things in a way that is accurate or true to life.”

    Do you actually think when they say this game is based of reality they mean anything that is real? By your definition, if we had a group of guys dressed in pink all in wheelchairs the game would be “realistic” because that is real. Of course, by “realistic” – and as I previously explained to you – he means a realistic portrayal of real life. Do you know nothing about context? Do you have no comprehension skills?

    >…whilst not putting forward any outside evidence of your own.

    What evidence do I need to put forward?

    >You only quote your own definition of realistic based on practicality

    What? When have I ever mentioned practicality or implied such?

    >…and the fact that the majority of people do not wear such clothes.

    I’m glad we’ve established that fact, and that’s my point. Do I have to cue my example again? This has been my point all along.

    >Also regarding your cosplay argument, cosplay is NOT realistic. The DICTIONARY DEFINITION OF REALISTIC is “Interested in, concerned with, or based on what is real.” Cosplay is based off of video games, anime, comics, or movies and thus is not defined as realistic. Although it is defined as REAL.

    Why do you have a full stop at the end of your quote when it’s not the full quote? Busted. Great, so your own definition has proven you wrong. How embarrassing. Okay, so we done here?

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    Full definition of NightToDawn’s quote (which he has purposefully edited out a particular word):

    “Interested in, concerned with, or based on what is real or practical.”

    Just to stump any further arguments, I suppose I’ll actually need to give you the definition of practical.

    “of, relating to, or concerned with ordinary activities, business, or work.”