Three Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV characters further revealed By Erren Van Duine on June 18, 2016 at 4:12 PM

Square Enix has updated the official Japanese Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV website with new information on several characters including artwork and images from the film.

Joining the cast is Clarus Amicitia (voiced by Banjō Ginga) – the father of Gladiolus, a character who appears in Final Fantasy XV proper. Clarus is a leader in the Lucian Kingdom and childhood friends with King Regis. The deep bond between the two transcends their statuses.

Next up is Ardyn Izunia (voiced by Keiji Fujiwara). Having helped greatly improve the military might of the Niflheim Imperial Army, Ardyn has risen to prominence as a military staff in recognition for his achievements. He constantly drifts about with an air of aloofness. He visits the crown city Insomnia, bringing with him a proposition of an armistice to the Lucian Kingdom.

Ardyn is joined by Iedolas Eldercapt (voiced by Shōzō Iizuka) – the supreme ruler of the Niflheim Empire. To make Lucis his own, he works together with military staff Ardyn to devise a scheme.

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV will be arriving in theaters in Japan on July 9th with a limited engagement hitting North American cinemas on August 19th. Stay tuned for further details as we get closer.