Final Fantasy XV Original Soundtrack website opens By Erren Van Duine on October 28, 2016 at 12:32 PM

Square Enix has opened the official website for Final Fantasy XV‘s Original Soundtrack, due out December 21. As detailed previously, the score will be available in several flavors including a vanilla CD release, Blu-ray music and a Limited Edition set.

We have new information on the Limited Edition (featured for $109.99 at the Square Enix store), which will include:

  • Bonus 1: Bonus tracks only available in the limited edition
    Theme song “Stand by Me” (Florence + the Machine) / Behind-the-scenes of the Boston recording session, among others.
  • Bonus 2: Bonus Disc / Car Stereo (Blu-ray disc)
    A Blu-ray disc soundtrack containing all the music the main characters listen to on the stereo of their beloved car, the Regalia. Contains over 250 masterpieces from the FF series. Historically, this will be the biggest Blu-ray disc soundtrack the company has released in terms of total recorded minutes and number of tracks.
  • Bonus 3: Bonus Disc / Piano Arrangement (CD)
    Several tracks from the game have been selected to be included as piano arrangements in this special CD.
  • Bonus 4: A Special, Large-sized Booklet
    Contains a booklet worth the read that includes liner notes and a round table discussion with the main composer, Yoko Shimomura and members of the music production team! Yoshitaka Amano’s “BIG BANG” artwork is planned to be used for the cover illustration.

Additionally, the standard Blu-ray release will include video from the game on disc to accompany the appropriate soundtrack cues. By using a Blu-ray player on PC or PS3, fans can extract the MP3 files for use on other devices.