A new look at Final Fantasy XV’s Titan battle By Erren Van Duine on November 4, 2016 at 12:38 PM

4Gamer has gone up with several new videos detailing their time with Final Fantasy XV‘s latest build. Like other press outlets, 4Gamer played through the first five chapters of the game – rounding out their coverage with another look at the Titan fight, last seen at E3 2016.

Battle With Titan

Prompto’s Snipe Shot

Three-way Struggle Battle

Shaving Off HP Attack

Infiltrating the Enemy Base

Final Fantasy XV is due out on November 29 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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  • •december

    Omffff F u c k sakeeee, NICE!
    I knew there would be so many more like this
    Can’t wait ! ! !
    The thirst is reAL

  • Vallen

    I honestly don’t understand why people watch these? Do they not want to play the game :S

  • Starlord

    I don’t understand why I watch them either.. it’s like the force when you look over the edge from waaaaaay up high and part of you wants you to jump… but you know that will kill you. So you back way xD

    This doesn’t kill me.. just spoils me.. so I dive right on in… sigh xD

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    Actually, some of us *don’t* play the games, just watch playthroughs because we’re interested in the storyline.

  • I watch fights but not anything major. Just random encounters. Honestly it’s a shame, but people are just tired of waiting. They want something to happen and this is as close to getting the game as it gets. Spoilers don’t ruin the game, they ruin the surprise. If someone told me the end of the game now, I’d still play it. Because the quest itself is still worth it. But yeah, SE never stops. And these other new outlets want to get those hits. So they pump out all the vids they can.

  • So what do you play?

  • I watch cause I like fight scenes. But I won’t want anything story related.

  • XenoSilvano

    I swear to god that FINAL FANTASY XV better explain every single last thing that too place in Kingsglaive

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    Nothing at the moment. Used to play Star Trek games, The Sims series, Might & Magic and Heroes of Might & Magic, and lots of other things, but I don’t have a PC anymore and never had consoles. I don’t have as much free time in college anyway.

  • Yuntu

    i seriously do not get why people complain about unofficial gameplay videos, thats like complaining about the existence of let´s plays

  • Mark Ty

    Must… resist… watching… anymore… FFXV related news…. but I can’t!!!

  • Justice V

    Like what?

  • It should. You’re suppose to watch KG first then play XV.

  • I still don’t get how people don’t understand the movie…

  • If I take off all his weapons, will Noctis fight like Jet Li? Is unarmed combat still a thing?

  • •december

    I’m just here for the comment section
    I’ve pre-ordered. There’s no need for these D:

  • I’m not really mad at them. I just feel like ever site and they mama is trying to capitalize off XV news when in reality they’re just spoon feeding us the same info. Some people who acted like they hated XV are popping up like they know everything now. I just want the game to come out so we can play it love it and move on as a fandom.

  • Ouch. I guess watching them is like a movie for you. Still when you do have time at least the prices on the games will be lower.

  • NoctLightCloud

    Looks awesome and like a lot of fun!

  • Yuntu

    They do that for every game. That´s how this business works … gaming sites cover games.

    It´s just that NC is a SE fansite hence you only see the XV stuff.

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    The Titan battle actually look really boring. Titan’s attacks are predictable and slow, and the fight itself is just so bland. If the Leviathan battle is this bad I’m suing.

  • Vallen

    If that is the case, these aren’t even proper stories, just a mashup of random game events without a particular meaning or chronology.

  • mvs

    QTE Boss battle

  • Mehmed

    After Evangelion, Shingeki no Kyojin and Re:Zero… This Story just don’t apply to me anymore.

  • XenoSilvano

    I feel like FINAL FANTASY XV needs to support (but of course not limit itself to) the following aspects of the film:-

    the sentiments of the refugees, a deeper explanation of the Lucii, Niflheim’s ambitions, history about Insomnia and why it has the last crystal, history about the other kingdoms in Eos, explanation about Demons, explanation about the old wall, whether or not Titus is still alive, what happened to Luna’s face, whether Crowe and the other female glaives are black mages or what, what is that piece of metal jetting out Regis’ head …and a bunch of other things that I cannot be bothered enough to look into (I suppose that it would be good to add some of the point that I brought-up in the disqus comment section of this article as well: http://www.novacrystallis.com/2016/09/kingsglaive-final-fantasy-xv-review/)

    I do not want a simple description (the Lucii are… , the end, none of that), I would like an in-depth representation of how the lore of FINAL FANTASY XV supports all the other media that ties into the universe of this world, FINAL FANTASY XV needs to make-up for the travesty that was Kingsglaive

    Based on what I have seen of FINAL FANTASY XV, I get this feeling that the game will not fulfill all of this aspect that I feel the game requires to support the overall universe, the game seems like a completely separate thing from what took place in Kingsglaive and possibly the other media as well which is something that I do not want to give Square-enix a pass for

    if you have the time, please do watch this video [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nv6IwMqf0NQ ], this is what I am talking about when I refer to lore, this is deep ####

  • XenoSilvano

    it is not about not getting the story goddammit, that was not my point, it is about the lore of the FINAL FANTASY XV universe, FINAL FANTASY XV needs to support all of the premises presented in Kingsglaive, the sort of deep closure about the world that connects all the different media together, so that the diligent observer can achieve that light bulb moment where they think to themselves “ohhh, so this is how this is all connected” something that I think was masterfully done in games such as FINAL FANTASY VIII, I think that it would be a douche-bagish move of Square-enix to create all this media simply as a means to slap the FINAL FANTASY XV moniker on it as a marketing gimmick so that they can line their pockets

    Kingsglaive was a convoluted mess, it does not lend itself well as a film experience, they need to make it more comprehensive by fleshing-out all the aspects of the story that need to be fleshed-out, structure the story out properly, tell the story in a way that people would want to hear and see it, I would forgive them were they to incorporate everything I just mentioned into a ‘Kingsglaive: Complete’ series of films but that is not going to happen, I do not see Square-enix investing the sort of money required to fix this oh so broken film

    I have not watched that film in a more than a month and I do not feel compelled to do so, that is what a piece of trash I thought it was, there are rich films that I really like watching again because they have intricacies that are tonally rich, kingsglaive is not one of them, it’s garbage *spit*

  • stevenm281

    That would be awesome!

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    That’s nice. I look forward to that hypothetical time, unless work just replaces college.

    I also get the soundtracks.

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    Like preview clips before the movie is in theatres.

  • Jesus Christ

    Just get this game out already so I can read the criticisms to make myself feel better. 😀 LOL

  • They seem to not wanna explain hand to hand combat or what you do to summon.

  • No I mean if 5 sites cover the same info and story I’m tired of another 10 sites doing it again.

  • Yuntu

    so they shouldn´t do their job because you are tired of it?

    i mean every site got to play the same things, there are bound to be similiar infos being spread

  • It’s not that convoluted, the themes and messages to me were clear enough.

    It didn’t need to be a self contained story and it wasn’t trying to be.

  • When did I say that? Show me the time I said they should do what I say? I said I’m tired of it. I didn’t say do what I want.

  • Barbarablewis

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  • Yuntu

    i didn´t say they should do what you say

    i said they shouldn´t do what they do because you are tired of it, because thats what you make it sound like

  • 케빈

    lol you have no right to sue them and ofc titan is slow….its a huge moving rock

  • That’s never what I meant. I’m just saying I don’t like how they do things these days. I’m waiting for time to pass and for us to turn that corner and hopefully things will get better or at least change. But they never do. The same problems I’ve had with devs 5 years ago, I have with them now. They’re not switching things up. They’re doing it more now. The same stuff.

  • You trying to fuck? Be honest.

  • XenoSilvano

    how come?

  • XenoSilvano

    from my point of view, the convoluted aspect that the viewer gets from watching it comes from the amount of detail that was put into this movie, it gives the impression that the story that was being told would be better suited as TV series rather than a movie, it was certainly not a bad story, my qualms with is was the way in which it was presented, I think people could have consumed the story a lot better had the density of the story been separated into more manageable chunks where the each element of the story could have been delved into more comprehensively

  • SuicideSancti

    I hope so, fighting-gloves like weapons

  • I guess so, but there already tons of that, this is just one small part of a much bigger 40+hr story.

    We have this, brotherhood, there’s like an audio drama or something out there.

    I can get if the problem is that the movie is only really worth it for people who intend to play the game.

    But that’s kinda like saying Lord of the rings or Harry potter is only worth it if you watch the whole series.

  • I guess the only thing close is the daggers.

  • highsky00

    It’s realistic. Because he is much much bigger than Noctis’s size. And from Noctis’s point of view ,we will see Titan is very slow. Just like when you try to catch a fly, you are the Titan and the fly is Noctis :D.

  • kirtanloorii

    Such an odd thing to say.

  • Stonespear

    Amateur journalism and even some professional journalism is full of laziness and clickbaiting rather than focusing on quality, meaningful reports.

    Game publishers are too busy rehashing what little we’ve seen in the hopes of catching people’s attention, not informing those who are interested of anything new.

  • What’s what it feels like. This site only covers Square stuff so I get it. But other sites do all games of all genre and they still rehash Gematsu articles word for word.

  • Stonespear

    It’s why I stick to one site. It doesn’t matter if it’s the most current, but I’ll find out what I need to from here – and even then there have been a lot of repeated posts in recent times. It’s getting frustrating to the point I’ve started skipping a lot of articles.

  • same here

  • Justice V

    Doubt we’ll see much of the refugee’s outlook on things, especially considering that was one of the main focuses of the film already. But mostly just because unless Noctis runs into a bunch of refugee’s during his adventure there’s no real point where their story and his intersects or has much relevance. Might come up in passing when hearing NPC’s talk to each other, or news on the radio though.

    Niff and Insomnia’s goals were also both decently laid out during the movie so don’t feel they need to dwell on that. However I do expect Niff’s ultimate goals to be one of the focuses of the early game so we’ll most likely get a ton of exposition on that. Also the crystal is a main point of the game, going off the recent trailers that focus on it. Expecting explanation on the Daemons as they pertain to the ever encroaching night and all that stuff. Maybe not explanation on exactly who each version is or any super detailed on them, but at a minimum of why and how they are appearing around the world.

    Dunno what you mean by Luna’s face unless you’re referring to her movie model and her game model not matching in which case it’s just because it was two different mediums. No one in Kingsglaive really looked like their game models, except Regis and even he was pretty different. Same as the anime versions of all the characters and the game characters. Even the CG cutscenes of Noctis in XV don’t really look like regular in game Noctis. Doubt they’ll talk about the Glaives much, and especially not Crowe in particular as Noctis and them will probably never cross paths with her nor anyone else who died before the game even starts. I would like to know if they were specialized glaives who already had pre-disposition to magic too though. On her original bio they wrote something about her being adept at magic, but not sure if they just meant she took to the power the king gave her or she already had some of her own.

    The horn on Regis was just his crown. Was pretty apparent just by looking at it, but if you ever had any doubt SE released the character sheets with all the bits of everyone’s costumes from the movie and it shows/labels it as the crown. Seriously doubt a game would go in depth on a piece of wardrobe that would be normal for anyone in the place to see. Unless somehow Noct becomes king and finds his dads crown on the floor and puts it on.

    When it comes to the Lucii I have no clue how deep they’ll go into it. But so far seems like they’ll have a major influence and are important to the game. They were featured in the Dawn trailer, they’re on the cover of the game box, they’re part of the ring which is a major part of most of the older trailers and what they’ve shown so far. And with so much focus in the last third of the movie, it would be very odd if they weren’t important in the game.

    Nojima is pretty good at making in depth lore for his games, or at least a crazy amount of backstory between the main characters, villains and overall construction of his worlds. (VII, VIII, X, KH). So unless they completely destroyed everything he laid out, which I doubt especially since he said it was mostly there himself, I think we should still get a lot of lore in the game. Though the lore may very well just focus on the crystal, daemons and the astrals and brush aside the Lucii and the other stuff.

    I could be completely wrong on what they will and won’t show though. Just guessing by old FF’s, old Nojima written games, old Tabata directed games, and their goal of combining the anime, movie and game together to weave a pretty big story I imagine it will be pretty in depth and full of lore and stuff to see and learn about. Also if we get additional books full of lore like FFX did that would be pretty awesome as well. Ultimania’s usually explain all the little bits we don’t see in game in older FF’s too. I’m reaaaaaaallly looking forward to the XV Ultimania if it ever comes out,