Square Enix plans to announce major titles from the end of 2017 until E3 2018 By Chelsi Laire on November 22, 2017 at 3:28 PM

Square Enix has released its financial results for the first half of the fiscal year, which ends in March 31 next year, and they have revealed the company’s current progress and plans in the near future.

The following titles helped the company achieve growth in both sales and income for this fiscal year period:

  • Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age
  • Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood and merchandise
  • Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age
  • NieR: Automata (topped 2 million units since its launch in February)
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider
  • Just Cause 3
  • Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Many overseas titles are apparently slated for release throughout April 2018 and beyond. Dragon Quest X, the series’ own MMORPG, will also be receiving an expansion pack in the near future.

In the most interesting part of the report, Square Enix was questioned on the balance of the content production being larger now compared to the previous period, in which they report is a result of the currently ongoing development efforts of major titles within their overseas and domestic studios. The announcements of their release dates are planned between the end of 2017 until E3 2018.

Square Enix has also expressed a special interest in being proactive in developing more new IP and rebooting old titles for the Nintendo Switch. They also see it as a great platform for their mid-sized titles.