Square Enix shares a preview of the March Update to Final Fantasy XV Comrades By Tony Garsow on February 17, 2018 at 9:34 AM

Comrades is Final Fantasy XV‘s multi-player component which puts you in the boots of a custom-made Kingsglaive member trying to hold the forces of darkness at bay until the King of Lucis returns. It’s mission-based where you and three others will tackle various combat-related challenges, and today Square Enix shares an update coming March 6th — the same day the Windows Edition and Royal Edition will drop.

In the teaser below, you can see new missions, scenes, weapons, bosses and more.

If you’re just getting started, check out our tips for beginners here.

  • •december

    This picture of custom Aranea up against Ifrit reminds me of Stella from Final Fantasy versus XIII

  • chizwoz

    Does that mean you’ll go to darkworld Altissia?

  • •december

    Some of the NPC implied this saying “Wish we could send Light back to Accordo” (they stand near entrance in Lestallum) So… yeah I always considered it was an option.

    How that happens is a mystery at the moment

  • Diego Pinheiro

    Cool trailer. I hope they share more info about this update soon. They will add a lot of stuffs. Nice!

  • Randy Marsh

    That Aranea character in the trailer looks really, well of a better word, disgusting. However, I actually can’t wait to try all of Comrades out once I purchase Royal Edition next month.

  • Melissa

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  • •december

    this is killing me
    I actually miss those ATR updates from 2016/2017 🙁

  • •december

    she’s mixed with Iris and Aranea lmao its sorta creepy, she got a tan too !
    Possibilities will be endless

  • Kyle

    Nice to have more rewards for playing.

  • chizwoz

    Well you do find the boat at the end. They could have that turn up earlier.

  • Pam

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  • •december

    Honestly, FFXV is definitely going down the road it always intended to – thats why I never gave up hope! Comrades alone has had a fair amount of story, and now looks like there’ll be more

  • •december

    Shame about the wait

  • chizwoz

    I wouldn’t say Comrades had much story really. Unless I somehow missed some. The only cutscenes were the beginning and end though, right?

  • •december

    There’s information about people when you meet them in Comrades, a little background there – NPC say quite a lot if you walk past/overhear stuff… the beginning had a bit of story too but the NPCs say a lot lol

  • sneur

    It’s been 9 years since the last final fantasy game in the main line was announced. Crazy huh?

  • •december

    FF versus 13 wen thru development hell and kind of stole the show… unfortunate but thats what happened

  • chizwoz

    I enjoyed some of the background info you get.
    The main thing Comrades needs is a better counter move, like the one in the main game. And an ability to use techniques from your other characters if you’re playing single player. The gameplay feels worse than the main game with those 2 things missing.