Final Fantasy XV’s patch 1.23 adds character dossiers and new Comrades updates By James Stine on March 5, 2018 at 10:17 AM

Just one day before the official launch of Final Fantasy XV Square Enix announced an update to both the base game as well as the online mode “Comrades”. Here are the updates to the game.

March 3rd, 2018 – Patch Notes

  • Inclusion of character dossiers (accessible from the Archives)
  • Announcement of winning snapshots from fourth photo contest (viewable at Mother of Pearl at Galdin Quay)
  • Implementation of new quests in Chapter 10
  • Addition of new Comrades quests
  • Addition of new Comrades quests (exclusive to COMRADES)
  • Implementation of new Royal Sigils (exclusive to COMRADES)
  • Introduction of chocobo breeding feature (exclusive to COMRADES)
  • Addition of new trophies (exclusive to COMRADES)
  • Various bug fixes

Comrades Updates

In the Comrades update there are a few different types of content added to the game.

Comrades in Arms Quest

  • Play as Noctis, Gladiolus, Prompto and Ignis in this special quest.
  • The quest is a culmination of the three main types of quests “Hunt”, “Defense” and “Escort”.
  • When you speak to Monica, you can chose the option of “ten years later” for character appearance.
  • Pick which of the four characters you wish to play. The matching system will ensure that no two same character will be matched into your quest. In the event that it can’t find a math, you’ll be paired up with AI companions.
  • Your equipment is pre-selected for you and cannot be changed.
  • You’ll get a first time clear reward for special avatar items which include “ancestor’s face”, “hairstyle” and “eyebrows” for the character you cleared on.
  • You wont be receiving EXP for your character, but you will obtain loot from enemies that will carry over.

Chocobo Training

  • You can raise a wild Chocobo, open up new power supply routes, or make them fight in the Chocobo Monster Arena
  • After the events at Galdin Quay, you will be able to catch and raise a wild Chocobo
  • In order to start catching the Chocobos, you need to begin the quest with the Chocobo Mark on the quest screen
  • You can raise up to 10 Chocobos
  • You can’t ride your Chocobo out on the field

New Royal Sigils

There now are an additional six new Royal Sigils to chose from.

  • The Mystic – Attack magic turns into “Black Hole”
  • The Fierce – Various attacks change to Fighting. Build gauge and deal a deadly attack
  • The Wise – Attack magic changes to “Jump”, recovery magic turns into “Dragon Sword”
  • The Conqueror – Attack magic changes to “Element Change”
  • The Clever – Attack magic changes to “Special Arms”
  • The Father – Attack magic changes to Revitalize

After the events in Galdin Quay, a new supply route to the new King’s Tomb will be added. When collecting all the Sigils, you’ll gain access to the hardest quest.

New Base: Cape Caem

You’ll have access to basic functions like quests, transmission stations, character changing, weapon remodeling, etc. There are also unique Chocobo breeding stables and Chocobo monster stadiums. If you manually save and exit from this location, you can start here next time you log back in. This area can be unlocked after the events at Galdin Quay.

New Base: Norduscaen Garrison

It’s a small base similar to Old Lestallum and Meldacio Hunter HQ. There is a training grounds area with supernatural armor. This can be unlocked after the events of Galdin Quay.

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Level cap raised from 50 to 99
  • Weapon level cap increased from 99 to 120. To exceed 99, you need to use the special material “Meteorite” when remodeling.
  • Acquiring a “circuit diagram” you’ll be able to dismantle a modified weapon.
  • New chefs added: Libertus, Gentiana, Cor, Aranea and Iris.
  • You can purchase Meteor shards with gil.
  • New weapons, abilities and materials for remodeling added.
  • New avatar options for story character ancestor faces, hair styles and costumes were added.

That about wraps it up for this week’s update! Keep in mind, these changes will be heading to the PC release as well of course when it launches tomorrow March 6th.

  • James Stine

    Just a heads up, some of these names for various features might not be exact to what you’ll see in English. I took this information from the Japanese FFXV Universe site where they go into more detail about the patch. As a result, some of the translations will be a little off!

  • SMH
    Too late.

  • •december

    New bases I gotta check this out

  • James Stine

    What is “too late”?

  • Adding all this after a lot of players got turned off by the game when it first released.
    I beat the game and chapter 12 and 13 made me almost want to stop playing.
    Square needs to prioritize story, battle gameplay depth, and exploration as their main concerns again. They haven’t for a very long time. 2 towns and a resident evil chapter and plot holes is not acceptable to me.

  • Kyle

    You guys have done a clear and concise job of delivering news for our games. Thank you!

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  • When he’ll finally bubbles up forth and boils all of earth and all others have died or are dying, even then using spam to trick people will be pathetic.

  • •december

    Novacrystallis for the win!

  • NoctLightCloud

    I don’t have PS Plus to play Comrades, but are character dossiers achives where you can read up things about certain characters? (Like Jimminy’s diary?) Also, are the Insomnia dungeon and Cerberus included in the *main* game now? I kinda lost track of all the updates :’)

  • stevenm281

    Damn, here I thought the new quests in Chapter 10 meant they finally made the Cartanica region explorable… of course I was wrong.

  • •december

    Yes and Yes

  • •december

    They’re minor quests,
    literally straight out to the Festival
    Really boring…
    Access to the Royal Vessel however is wicked

  • stevenm281

    I don’t even see why they put efforts including such trivial quests right after the events of Altissia.

  • chizwoz

    Where can you actually go with the royal vessel? And at what point is it available?

  • chizwoz

    If you played it early on, there’s enough additional stuff now that the game is worth a second playthrough cos it’s so different.

  • •december

    You can boat from Galdin Quay, to Cape Caem to Altissia.
    I don’t want to spoil anything but for Anchorage points, those are the three at the moment

  • chizwoz

    And can you leave Altissia by boat as well?

  • •december

    When this is all over
    I know it will make sense
    This is why you don’t release an unfinished game lol

  • •december


  • CallMeGod

    Lol all those additional crap are even more reasons why I don’t want to play a second time because the first play through was a crappy as experience. Why waste my time on a complete turd like FF15. If the beta didn’t tell you guys got screw over then go ahead and get screw again.

  • NoctLightCloud

    That’s some great news! Another question: is the Cerberus & Insomnia patch for free or is it behind a paywall?

  • stevenm281

    they’re part of the Royal Pack which you have to buy

  • chizwoz

    Because it’s a lot better now

  • CallMeGod

    Sorry, but I completely lost interest when they sold me a beta so I don’t want to waste my time for a second a play second time. As someone who don’t buy season pass at all, to show my support I bought the season pass for FF15 just to get the middle finger by SE that I bought a fucking beta with garbage ass cut story content. So yeah, I’m salty as fuck and don’t care about these additional cut content that TABATA himself said there won’t be which he fucking obviously lie. I even try playing the DLC, but got bored of them quickly and didn’t even bother to finish them which is pretty said consider I beat all 3 games of FF13 and actually enjoy them. FF15 is the worst entry ever and thanks to it I won’t even consider buying any upcoming FF until the complete edition come out at and sold at a use game because SE don’t deserve to get any of my money.

  • Artemis Polara

    Just cause I feel like sharing an opposite point to that dude. I feel XV is pretty good overall and that XIII (as a game and a trilogy) is the worst part of the mainline FF series. I only beat XIII because XIII-2 addressed some problems I had and I felt like giving it a chance. Even then I only beat XIII-2 to say I had. I couldn’t even stand to try XIII-3 after trying the demo. So yeah, XIII is boring from a gameplay stance, has annoying characters, and a pedestrian story. The graphics are nice though, I won’t ever take that away from it. 😛

    But yeah, XV is leagues better than XIII and has improved since launch.

  • NoctLightCloud

    Oh… I see D: Do you think it will be available separately at one point in the future? (I’m a fan of Cerberus)

  • Matthew Pennino

    You can buy meteorshards with gil? Are they expensive, and where do you buy them?

  • •december

    I also wanna know this

  • stevenm281

    no idea, seeing how disjointed the development of this game is… anything can happen.

  • Average Afro

    Ok. As someone who played FFXV at launch, and hasn’t really played since before the Ignis DLC came out, and has just purchased the Windows edition. What can I look forward too? Especially with the comrades expansion? How deep does that go, cause they seem to be adding a lot of nice features I’d like to see in the single player as well. Namely, chocobo breeding and the weapons upgrade system.

  • Average Afro

    Look. Everyone who should know, knows that this game was shat out of development hell. The base game is still objectively a decent action J-RPG. I doubt they turned off the casual audience that they tried to capture, case and point I know about 8 other people who I mentioned this too, they said it looked fun, played it and are now going back and playing older FFs. That’s 8 new people just from my circles that they brought in.

    This extra content is what they’re making because they love the fans. They know they didn’t deliver all they could with the deadline they had so they’re now giving us even more. More than we deserve IMO.

    With this game now out and KH3 coming out soon we’ll be out of the hole that SE dug themselves in with announce games too early.

    Bring on FF16

  • chizwoz

    I like XV a lot now. They’ve fixed all of the main complaints I had with the game except being able to explore the Niflheim continent. Which I hope they’re working on!

  • Okay, fair. But is it too much to ask that next time they prioritize story, exploration, and character development next time?
    All the 13s, Type-0 and this all suffer with plotholes, shoddy development, and not so likeable casts overall. Each game has about 2 people in it that are good and the rest are annoying or just shit. Let’s be real, no one says Noel’s is their number one fav character in FF. Or at least VERY few.

  • NoctLightCloud

    You’re probably right :/