Square Enix’s August update to Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition lets you play as your avatar By Tony Garsow on August 9, 2018 at 7:11 PM

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition‘s new August update has arrived, and with it the ability to swap out a custom avatar in Noctis’s place. The character creation menu featured in the Comrades multiplayer expansion makes an appearance, as well as other online features that include sharing photos and placing treasure for other players to find. Limited time treasure is also available to collect.

Here are the official patch notes from Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition’s official Steam page:

• You can now play the game using a custom avatar to change Noctis’ appearance.
• If you are using an avatar for Noctis, the avatars of other players are shown on the map as shadows.
• Photos you’ve taken can be displayed on the map to other players.
• You can like photos that have been shared on the map.
• You can place treasure on the field map for other players to enjoy.
• You can now collect treasure that has been placed by other players.
• Limited-time treasure is now available.
• An “Online” option has been added to the Main Menu.
• Fixed a bug where mod implementation on the in-game mod menu was not reflected in the game.
• Various other bugs have been fixed.

We check it out in the video below: