Square Enix’s Avengers Project heading to PS4, Xbox One, Stadia & PC By Tony Garsow on June 8, 2019 at 10:18 PM

Initially teased back in 2017, Square Enix’s collaboration with Marvel for an Avengers video game project has been quietly biding its time. This E3, the company plans to reveal more about the title — which we now learn is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google’s new Stadia platform thanks to a new tweet from the game’s official twitter feed:

Not much is known about the title, but Square Enix will be holding an E3 press conference on Monday, June 10th at 6:00pm Pacific.

  • I know they’re gonna force the characters from the movies down our throats but here who else I hope is in these games:
    She-Hulk, Sif, Gambit, Sue Storm, Mockingbird, Grim Reaper, Graviton, Annihilus, Black Swan, and Supergiant.

  • Justice V

    Think they said in an interview it was only going to be the founding members. But yeah I’d like to see more of the C-String members.

  • It’s not bad to have the founders, but after so many comics and shows and cartoons and movies of them, i want to see a mix of old and newer heroes. If other heroes or villains never get screen time, how can they ever get more limelight.