Japan Expo 2016
3 years ago.
Western Final Fantasy Trading Card release details shared
At Japan Expo 2016 Square Enix reconfirmed to us that the Final Fantasy Trading Card game will be released in Mid-October 2016, following the pre-sales at the end of September. The trading card game will be released in major European countries with English, German, French and Spanish supported at launch. An Italian version of the game will be added a bit later. Thee different starter sets will be available at launch: One edition for Final Fantasy VII, one for Final Fantasy X…
3 years ago.
Learn the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game basics in our video
At Japan Expo 2016 in Paris we had the chance to learn a bit more about the upcoming Final Fantasy Trading Cards Game. Fabian Weber from the Square Enix Merchandise and Deverlopment team sat down with us to explain the basics. https://youtu.be/7PyKNnW071c…