Final Fantasy VII Rebirth details Cait Sith, new locations and combat abilities

Another new update for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth arrived today, including a new one-minute “Destined for Rebirth” trailer replete with scenes sharing memorable and mysterious scenes and locations alike.

At one point the party will arrive in Under Junon, a struggling fishing town situated under a massive city Shinra has built over them overlooking the ocean. Here, the new president of Shinra, Rufus Shinra, is set to preside over an inaugural parade as they too pursue Sephiroth for their own ends. When Cloud and company voyage to the western continent, they’ll do so aboard Shinra-8, a “cruise ship” that connects Shinra elite with the Costa del Sol resort town.

Cait Sith, a fortune-telling cat, joins the party at a certain point during their journey. As a playable character, he can fight independently or atop a massive stuffed moogle, which can dropkick enemies and buff alllies when a moogle gauge is full. Of course, his abilities to still have an element of luck, it’s said.

Yuffie joins the party proper after her debut in the Episode INTERmission DLC that followed Final Fantasy VII Remake. Here, she has a similar kit, using her shuriken to attack up close and from a distance. While her weapon is airborne, she can also make use of her ninjutsu to inflict damage.

Cait Sith and Yuffie also have a unique synergy ability they can use in tandem: Moogle Pinwheel.

Square Enix shared the following information via their blog today:

Regions of the World

The world of FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH is comprised of multiple regions. Each boasts unique environments for you to explore. Let’s take a look at a couple now:

Starboard Junon

An urban residential zone within the fortified metropolis overlooking the ocean. In addition to housing for Shinra personnel, high-end boutiques and restaurants line its streets.

Currently, preparations are underway here for Rufus Shinra’s presidential inauguration parade.


A Shinra cruise ship that ferries travelers between the planet’s eastern and western continents. After departing the port of Junon, it heads for the resort town of Costa del Sol.

As part of the on-board entertainment, the ship plays host to a Queen’s Blood tournament.

New Characters

Cait Sith

This gregarious cat fights from atop his sturdy moogle mount, who provides both mobility and support during battle.

When Cait’s not duking it out, his high-tech helper aids him in hacking computer systems and telling fortunes.


Voice Actor: Piper Reese

Though she may be a rookie, she’s as skilled with her fists and a gun as anyone else in the Turks unit of Shinra’s General Affairs Division.

She and her partner Rude are tasked with pursuing the black-robed figures, which she is more than happy to do if it means being assigned a mission with Tseng.

Captain Titov

Voice Actor: Johnathan Lipow

The captain of the Shinra-8, responsible for overseeing safe passage for all who travel between Junon and Costa del Sol. He’s earned a sterling reputation among his crew, thanks to his unerring devotion to his duties.

This is most evident during the various festivities held aboard his vessel, which he personally – and passionately – emcees.



Yuffie quickly strikes enemies with a large throwing star. The speed with which she attacks allows you to charge ATB faster than most.

While her throwing star is out, Yuffie can unleash magic-infused “ninjutsu” to punish foes.

Yuffie excels at chaining her attacks together and switching their elemental affinity.

Her Doppelgänger ability allows her to attack in tandem with her clone, enabling her to exploit enemies’ weaknesses even more effectively.

 Hurling her throwing star at enemies allows Yuffie to keep up the pressure from a distance.

While her throwing star’s out, she can also pelt her foes with ninjutsu. Whatever element her target’s weak against, Yuffie has a ninjutsu spell for it.

Cait Sith

Cait Sith darts about the battlefield with the agility of an acrobat (or perhaps a cat?), assailing enemies from every side.

When he wants to switch things up, he brings out his moogle pal, changing his attacks.

These Cait Sith-exclusive moves can hurt enemies or buff allies, but most rely on luck in some way.

“Let’s Ride!,” however, allows him to hop on his moogle, enhancing his regular attacks and his unique abilities.

While riding his moogle, Cait Sith can give enemies the boot with Dropkick.

Once his moogle’s attacks have filled the Moogle Meter, he can also buff his companions with abilities like “Defense!”

Moogle Pinwheel

Yuffie & Cait Sith

Synergy abilities are powerful attacks in which two characters team up to turn the tide of battle. More abilities will unlock as you increase the party level – a numerical expression of how closely-knit your team is – and deepen the affinity between party members.

Fill the synergy gauge by using abilities, then unleash a synchronized assault! Yuffie and Cait Sith attack in tandem with a secret ninja technique.

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