Project Prelude Rune
10 months ago.
Studio Istolia all but vanishes from the internet overnight [Update: studio closed, project cancelled]
Studio Istolia, who was set to develop 'Project Prelude Rune' with former Tales series producer Hideo Baba, closed down their website, Twitter profile, and YouTube channel. Announced last year, not much was known about the project, other than it was a RPG planned for the PlayStation 4 console. Things started to look uncertain when Baba left earlier this year, and it seems that the project will likely not move forward. Update: According to a report from USgamer, Square Enix has closed…
11 months ago.
Hideo Baba departs Square Enix's Studio Istolia
Studio Istolia president Hideo Baba has left the Square Enix Group as of the end of March, per an official statement today. The offshoot studio was in the throes of developing Project Prelude Rune, which is revealed last year as a RPG for PlayStation 4 using the Unreal engine. While there's no word on the fate of the project and Studio Istolia, Baba stated he would support the team from background.…
1 year ago.
Square Enix's Studio Istolia reveal a teaser trailer for PS4 RPG "Project Prelude Rune"
Project Prelude Rune is a new RPG from Square Enix's Studio Istolia and led by Hideo Baba, a producer for many titles in Namco Bandai's Tales series. Ahead of Tokyo Game Show, the team released a teaser trailer which gives a glimpse of the game's world and presumably its protagonist. The game will utilize Epic's Unreal Engine and is announced for the PlayStation 4 platform. Studio Istolia is currently recruiting designers for the project via its official website. More information will come…