FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 Tokyo Game Show Trailer

Looks like it’s leaked early on Sony’s website. See it here:

This is the PlayStation 3 version of the PV. As previously reported, there are two in total, one for each platform, and it seems each video has its respective differences. In addition to the theme songs, both have different event scenes.

Famitsu reports that the young girl with blonde hair in the PS3 trailer is named Yuru. She travels together with the game’s main antagonist, Kaias… a being that cannot die. There are scenes which depict town residents turning into Cie’th, and Lightning proclaiming, “This is a future which I could not protect.”

The Xbox 360 PV apparently ends with Kaias doing something to Noel, but it looks like we’ll have to wait until the trailer officially releases, to find out exactly what.

As always, I’ll update again when direct HD versions are available.

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