New FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 Details in Famitsu

Aside from the bit about FINAL FANTASY XIII-2’s disc space, Famitsu has even more information on the game.

The version of Hope seen in the TGS trailer is from 10 years after the end of FINAL FANTASY XIII. He is 24 years old, and the head of a scientific investigation group.
Caius, the game’s main villain, has an evil influence on both Valhalla and Serah’s world. In the Promise trailer, the black smoke emitting from Lightning is called “Chaos.”

FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 will have some intense scenes as well, although not on the same level as FINAL FANTASY Type-0. QTEs will be a big part of the game, but failing them doesn’t necessarily penalize you. Clearing them will net you at least something, however.

By far the greatest addition is party switching. In FINAL FANTASY XIII-2, you’ll be able to switch out party leaders in real time during battle. This also means that, when your party leader dies, you will no longer game over.

Other things of note, the silver-haired girl traveling with Caius is known as Yeul. Noel’s memories are vague because of a time paradox. The game will include Easy Mode, and changeable costumes visible in event scenes. Also, there will be no level cap on the Crystarium system this time.

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