FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 Sazh Episode DLC Due on 2/28

Japanese sources have leaked some upcoming information on the next FFXIII-2 DLC.

Following Lightning & Amodar from last week will be Sazh’s Episode content. The DLC itself will be priced at ¥600 and is called the “Casino and Sazh Compilation” with Sazh’s episode specifically titled “Heads or Tails?” and a separate casino game as well.

The Sazh story will take place in Xanadu, where he decided to play two new table games. One of these two games is called Chrono Bind, which involves some sort of clock face and cards. The second game will be revealed in next week’s Famitsu.

Serah’s swimsuit and Noel’s black suit (given to time traveling warriors from Etro) costumes are also due out February 21st for ¥300 each.

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