Rumor: Classic FINAL FANTASY Boss Fights Heading to FINAL FANTASY XIII-2

Do you remember Gilgamesh from FINAL FANTASY V? Or perhaps Ultros from FFVI?

If you answered yes, then you’re in for a treat. According to a source who contacted Siliconera, and of which I can also confirm, classic FINAL FANTASY bosses will be making their way into the coliseum in FFXIII-2.

In addition to Omega, who is already available, players will be able to access Gilgamesh from FFV and Ultros from FF6. Other villains will be added as well, including Jihl Nabaat. Once defeated, you will of course be able to add them as a monster in your party.

This rumor comes ahead of GDC, where Square Enix is expected to reveal the supposed Mass Effect costumes for Noel and Serah.

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