Key staff members leave Square Enix, including Final Fantasy Versus XIII's system menu director

Some key staff members have departed Square Enix as of last year, according to a recent post on 2ch.

The list of staff includes:

Ryuji Ikeda – Dissidia Final Fantasy main programmer
Shouta Shimoda – Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy planning director (RPG elements)/Dissidia FF (AI tuning)
Takeshi Arakawa – Kingdom Hearts texture director/Dissidia FF supervising director/Final Fantasy Versus XIII graphic director (system menu)

What does this mean? Perhaps not too much if we’re only finding out about it now. Takeshi Awakawa was in charge of the system menus for FF Versus XIII, so hopefully not too much was impacted when he left the company. Either way, it’s sad to see these staff members go.

There hasn’t and likely won’t be any official statement from Square Enix on the matter.

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