Official pricing and dates announced for May's Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC

Square Enix has just updated the Japanese official site with the full pricing and date information for this month’s DLC content.

As previously revealed by PlayStation Asia, both Lightning and Snow’s episodes will release together on May 15th, along with Noel, Serah and Mog’s new costumes. The pricing for each item is as follows:

Snow and Valfodr “Arena of Eternity”: ¥400/320MSP
Lightning’s Story “Requiem of the Goddess”: ¥600/400MSP
Serah’s White Mage costume: ¥300/240MSP
Noel’s Black Mage costume: ¥300/240MSP
Moogle 16 piece costume set: ¥300/240MSP

So there you have it. What will likely be the final set of DLC will be released all at once, so you can expect official North American and European announcements soon after.

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