Discussion: Reigniting the flame – Making the case for Final Fantasy Type-0's localization

It’s been nearly a year since Final Fantasy Type-0 released in Japan.

As of today, the game remains firmly grounded there, despite earlier dialogue from director Hajime Tabata, claiming a localization was in the works. That was in November of last year.

So why hasn’t Square Enix said anything? What exactly are they waiting for? Sure the game is on PSP – but that hasn’t stopped other companies from continuing to release games on the platform, digital or otherwise. The other option would be the PlayStation Vita, but perhaps the company is waiting for a larger user base before they jump in. I never thought there would come a day in the current generation when such a large scale project would remain Japan-exclusive… but it seems like we may be heading there.

That said, the absolute silence with Final Fantasy Type-0 is a major problem. The game is as good if not greater than its vanilla FFXIII cousins and deserves just as much attention as them too. As I said in my recent import review, Square Enix would be wise to give the title its due attention before it’s too late.

As fans, I think it’s time to take a stand; let Square Enix know that we truly want this game and want it localized into English. Of course, it’s best to keep things clean, so please… let’s keep comments thoughtful and constructive and hopefully we can turn this into something bigger. What do you think? Sound off in the comments section below.

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