Final Fantasy 25th anniversary stage events to be live streamed via Nico Nico

Square Enix has revealed the streaming line-up for next week’s Final Fantasy 25th anniversary event, which goes from September 1 through the 2nd.

Via an update on the 25th anniversary portal site, each stage event now has a direct Nico Nico Video link you can click to view for each corresponding time slot and day.

For a quick rundown, you can look forward to:

Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Saga New Developments Presentation
Final Fantasy XI Music Stage
Final Fantasy XIV Special Talk Show

Final Fantasy VII 15th Anniversary Stage
SQENI Chan Presents The Future of Final Fantasy Round Table Discussion
Final Fantasy Music Special/Talk Stage

The streams are all scheduled according to Japan time, and the first one will begin approximately 10:30PM EST on August 31st. If you wish to view the streams live, you’ll need to sign up for Nico Nico yourself. If not, we’ll be on hand covering the event so stay tuned.

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