Final Fantasy Type-0's English localization was nearly completed last year

Final Fantasy Type-0’s English localization was nearly complete, if a source close to Operation Suzaku is to be believed.

“According to our source, who recorded voice-over for one of the characters in the game, at least 90% of the English localization is complete. The dubbing sessions took place in the last quarter of 2011, just after the release (October 27th) of Final Fantasy Type-0 in Japan. The entirety of the English dub recording is said to be complete.”

The source claims that plans soon feel apart due to market conditions and the PSP hanging on by a thread in the west. Following Hajime Tabata’s interview on GameSpot, the voice actor decided to speak out, though they admit the project is “currently on hold.” With Square Enix leaving Final Fantasy Type-0 out to dry, it’s quite possible we’ve reached the point of no return. If the company cannot see any feasible way of turning a profit on the title, it will remain locked forever within Japan’s own walled garden.

Of course, that’s the worse case scenario.

Ideally Square Enix will come around eventually, but until then the best fans can do it show their support. If you want to see Final Fantasy Type-0 released in the west, Twitter and Facebook are probably the best options.

Twitter (hashtag #FFTYPE0)

Square Enix North America
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Square Enix North America
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